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Enterprise website Choose whether to lease a virtual host or server hosting, the only objective assessment is the size of the enterprise, the company's web site needs to host the number of visitors per day, in the current Chinese market: Large enterprises are choosing server hosting, because no matter from the site visitors or enterprise software, need a strong calculation to load. However more small and medium sized enterprise websites prefer to choose virtual Host, because the virtual host can bring more convenient to the enterprise experience, only a computer can realize the Enterprise website all management, and the service provider also undertakes all the virtual Host Maintenance service, the enterprise only needs to be assured the use can, the maintenance aspect will not have to worry. Virtual host to the domestic virtual host and overseas virtual host, the domestic has a single virtual host and dual-line virtual host, such as South Korea Virtual host Hong Kong virtual host.

One: Reliability is the most basic factor

When it comes to e-business, reliability plays a vital role in the success of a company. To stay competitive, companies must be online all the time. This means that the mainframe services have the ability to troubleshoot any possible failures, from simple power outages to earthquake-proof devices such as earthquakes, which can reduce the destructive impact of earthquakes. Redundancy is the key to any reliability strategy. Dual power supply forms the first link in the redundant chain. Electricity can come from two separate sub stations, and this will ensure that once a single power station fails, another child station can continue to work. The same method can be extended to network connections. A good host service facility can be connected to the Internet through a pair of OC-3 fiber loops with fixed redundancy.

Two: Security is important

When a company puts valuable data and company services at the door of the company, security becomes a primary issue. A good host service facility can provide a security infrastructure that ensures a secure environment without hacking, failure, and viruses.

The facility you choose is to constantly monitor hardware facilities and continuously monitor data and software that goes into hardware facilities. CCTV cameras can monitor every strategic position in the facility and record what you see 24 hours a day. Identity certificates and some other access controls can be tightly controlled into the command center.

The security of the server's operation must be protected by the true proof of the software, which provides strong access control at the server level. In addition, the data center's basic operating system should be specially modified to reduce the risk of intrusion.

Three: Functional Requirements

One thing that is certain in e-business is the unpredictability of its needs. The number of people visiting the site is sometimes very few, but sometimes it can be squeezed. The introduction of a new product can be a huge burden on servers and networks due to the influx of large orders.

A typical facility may be located on top of the OC-48 sonet ring, providing potential functionality. Today, the Advanced Data Center uses a OC-3 connection that can be quickly upgraded to meet the needs and accommodate approximately 10,000 dedicated servers.

Of course, all of these servers and pipelines need to be monitored. Each host service facility must include a command center to provide monitoring facilities for technicians. The command center is designed to monitor and control, identify problems and solve problems, and provide high quality customer service. To improve oversight, each technician is responsible for a particular customer, solution, or application, rather than a set of servers.

Host operators monitor server operations, monitor status alerts and multiuser failures. If a company has multiple sites, alerts from other sites can also be monitored, so if a facility encounters problems, its functionality can be borne by another facility.


In short, whether it's a domestic server lease or a Web site built with a virtual host, service facilities are as important as the infrastructure built in your own company. A world-class data center must ensure that its customers have access to reliable and secure services, equipped with scalable broadband network connectivity and integrated services. An external data center is usually the best choice for fast-growing e-business.


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