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I remember a walk with a friend, he asked what is Dynamic Web pages, what is static Web pages, dynamic pages and static pages what difference. At that time my answer did not seem to let him really understand what is dynamic, what is static, so today want to in this article detailed examples of what is Dynamic Web site, what is Crystal site. All know that the site is composed of a Web page, so dynamic (static) Web site and dynamic (static) page in this article is not particularly different, the meaning of expression is similar.

(1) The concept and difference between dynamic website and static website


Dynamic Web site refers to the Web page scripting language (such as PHP, JSP, ASP, etc.) to the content of the site dynamically stored in the server-side database, user access to the site is to read the database to dynamically generate the Web page method. In contrast, static Web sites are those that are made from HTML, either directly or indirectly, without scripting language and database development.

In static Web sites, users often only have the right to information viewers, users can not achieve information feedback, and Dynamic Web site is very good to meet this requirement, dynamic site users are often able to fill out forms, post comments, and so on, and these feedback data are stored in the Web server side of the database. For a static web site, the production of its various pages need to use a special web-making tools (such as Dreamweaver) to modify the production, and the finished page has a "static", that is, every user whenever the page to open the information presented is the same. and for Dynamic Web site, because the use of database-driven production of web pages, so there will usually be a website to build software, such as WordPress, Dedecms, discuz, managers can be in the background of the site is very convenient management site, Can be achieved without contact with the code can be visualized to edit the content of the site, but also to achieve the station outside the station a variety of information calls. Different users, or at different times, different places to visit the site, or will be presented with the same page.

So how to distinguish between Dynamic Web site and static site, Ye Dehua think the most simple and effective way is to see whether the site has adopted the database development model. For a static web site, its Web pages are real in the Web server, and relative to the dynamic site, its web page is when there is a user access to the immediate generation, the Web server does not really exist in the Web page. For example, there are www.a.com and www.b.com these two sites, the former is a pure static site, the latter is a dynamic Web site written in PHP, assuming that both sites have site introduction page, and www.a.com/about.html and www.b.com/ About.html represents the site's website introduction page, showing the same effect, but the principle is completely different. www.a.com because is static website, its root directory real existence about.html This page, the user accesses the time is the direct access this page, did not pass any database drive to realize; and www.b.com because it is Dynamic Web site, its root directory does not really exist about.html this page, the site is only introduced information through the Web site into the database, when there is a user access, the database calls input information generated a pseudo static about.html page, called "Pseudo" is because there is no about.html this page in the Web server, this page is only generated instantly, this is the biggest difference between dynamic website and static website.

(2) Baidu home page is static or dynamic page


The question looks a little silly, but Ye Dehua thinks it's worth thinking about. When we visit Baidu, usually direct access to http://www.baidu.com this site, but you have not found that you enter http://www.baidu.com/index.html, http://www.baidu.com/ Index.htm, http://www.baidu.com/index.php These three URLs to enter or Baidu's homepage? I think Baidu homepage is a static web page, give me the reason below.

First, the perceptual, Baidu home although simple, but it is hundreds of millions of internet users, as an Internet giant, the use of simple static Web pages, whether from maintenance or other convenience is not appropriate, so the perceptual thought that this is a dynamic Web page.

Second, from the interface, Baidu home page "News", "stick", "know", "Music", "Picture", "video", "Map", "encyclopedia", "library", "hao123", "more" and other anchor text are just simple links, whether static or dynamic, these simple functions are possible. Users can also login to their own Baidu member account, and then different users present the Baidu personalized home page will also be different, then this need to call the user information in the database, from this point, can be considered a dynamic page.

Third, from the page code, in the "Baidu home" click the right mouse button to view the Web page source code, from the code can also be seen using a variety of scripting languages, such as membership accounts in the use of JavaScript script. So, you can also see that this is a dynamic page.

(3) Taking Ye Dehua Blog As an example analysis of dynamic and static of whole station


Visit my blog, can be directly in Baidu search "Ye Dehua Blog" can be accessed. My blog whole station layout is like this, I first used the WordPress build station program to build such a blog site, and then their own use Dreamweaver built a few simple pages, such as 404 pages, Site Map page. Since this blog is built by me, so I can make it clear that the blog in addition to 404 pages and site map pages, the rest are dynamic pages.

The homepage of the blog, the article classification page, the article content page all is the database generation webpage, every time I publish the article only needs in the website management backstage to enter I to publish the article, then clicks "Publishes" Then, does not have to contact any webpage code. "404 Pages" and "site map" page whenever I want to modify the time, there will be some trouble, I need to first of these pages from the server download, and then use Dreamweaver to open and then modify the code, This is why Dynamic Web site management than static site management is much easier to reason. In order to reduce the pressure of their own servers, I used a lot of third-party applications, such as the search box is Google's search, ads directly into the ads are the alliance, the comment function is to use more than the said social comment code. Also because of the insertion of these third-party applications, just make the page of the blog appears to be dynamic, otherwise, if not add Baidu Alliance ads, then "404 Pages" and "Site Map" page is a pure static web page, no matter who, no matter what time, where access will render the same page results.

Previously, it can be more obvious to distinguish between dynamic Web sites and static sites, and with the current mature technology, as well as the development of platform, so that static Web pages to show the effect of dynamic Web pages become more and more easy, so distinguish between it has a certain degree of difficulty, but it does not matter, Now said the most of the Web site development refers to the Dynamic Web site development, and will not let you really to create a single HTML static page to form a website. The understanding of these basic concepts is also necessary to engage in Internet-related work.

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