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A website can do well, the user experience is very important. The website opens the speed, is also the user experience the most important link. The function of a website is done well again, have practical value again. However, if the site is very difficult to access, open speed is very slow, end users will only choose to give up access.

The website opens slowly, once was also 28 pushes the biggest soft rib. Because before 28 push the server is the telecommunication single line, often has some area member to reflect opens 28 pushes very laborious, therefore slowly gives up the landing 28 pushes, or reduces the number of times. If you open a page for half a minute, it may be in addition to the webmaster have this patient waiting, ordinary members will not have this patience. It's only good that some members of the region have this problem, so there is no fatal effect, but because of this, at least it has pushed 28 less active members by 1/4. So in the end I made up my mind to change a multi-line server in the last week, further improving the speed of 28 push for members in more areas.

Because of the importance of website speed to the user experience, there are a large number of webmaster attention, so online also appeared some Web site speed diagnostics tools, so that the webmaster better optimize their website speed, or in the choice of new IDC, through the Website Speed Diagnostics tool, first understand this IDC server or space access speed, To judge whether it is worth buying. Will write this article, is also a period of time before the use of Baidu statistics, the occasional discovery of Baidu statistics launched a new website speed diagnostics, experience the feeling is good, so write a blog and share with you.

1:100 degree Statistics website speed Diagnostic Tool Advantages

1: Dual network test, accurate data details

Figure: Diagnosing your own independent blog site speed

As you can see above, you can simultaneously test through netcom and telecom 2 lines, and mark the location of test points and the time of test. Because each test has the recording function, along with the data accumulation, everybody may simultaneously understand the different time period website's visit speed. In order to make more analysis, the site at what time the fastest access, when the slowest access. You can also see the difference in the speed at which different network accesses are opened. Is Netcom access fast?

In addition, the best thing about this is that you can see the opening time of each file on the site page using the Speed Diagnostics tool. Thus the webmaster can better to optimize, put some occupy time high file or picture compress or reduce. Thus, without changing the server network, the website can be optimized for some speed improvement.

2: Comprehensive Diagnostic recommendations

In addition to the previous site speed test, there are comprehensive diagnostic recommendations to help the Webmaster speed optimization. And each link has been graded to let you know the final data score how to come.

Through my multiple Web site testing found that the page opened long this link, as long as the opening speed of 50% of the site is long, you can get a 60 full mark. If the site is open longer than 50%, the different points are different. For example, more than 60% deducted 10 points, more than 70% deducted 20 points. I have a website on a foreign site. The result of the test is more than 90% open time, the result of this is deducted 40 points.

Figure: Detailed diagnostic recommendations given


Web speed diagnostic tools in connection with the network, download the page, open the page, and so on 3 options will give advice, and tell you where the problem, the number of points deducted, click on each question, but also give suggestions on how to modify.

For example, the "Remove error Connection" in the previous image helps the site find the connection address that cannot be opened, and gives suggestions, either modifying or deleting it. Each suggestion is relatively simple and clear, so that the webmaster to see how to optimize the operation. So that the webmaster can change the server network under the premise, but also to the site to maximize the speed optimization, improve the user experience. Do you think these functions are very good?

3: Free to inquire any website

Baidu statistics This launch of the website speed diagnostic tools and the previous launch of the "SEO Recommendations" "Site collection Count query" and other tools have the biggest difference. The former can only query the use of Baidu statistics site. and the Website Speed Diagnostic tool, as long as has the Baidu statistics account number, may inquire any website.

In addition to the diagnosis of independent blog, put their own in the telecom single line, two lines or in foreign sites are diagnosed again, found that the different network, indeed the speed of the Web site access is very large, so that my inspiration is very much.

Second: Advice for Web site speed diagnostic tools

Overall, Baidu statistics this launch of the website Speed Diagnostic Tool is very good, compared to the previous use of some Web site speed diagnostic tools have a great improvement. Personally feel the drawback is that the test point is too little, currently can only query the Beijing Netcom and telecommunications access to open speed.

After all, the speed of visit in Beijing can only represent the access of a small number of users, can not represent the visit of the national netizens. Hope that later by more testing points, after all, north-South network access is very different. If there is a test point in the major provinces, this will be more practical to the webmaster. Do a national website webmaster, through different areas of the test point to understand the speed of the national Internet users visit the situation, if you do the site webmaster friends, you can choose to their province, the speed test.

Finally, I hope Baidu statistics of this website speed diagnostic tools can be more and more perfect, help more webmaster, optimize the speed of Web site access, the site user experience to do better.


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