Flashrom 0.9.4 Release Quick Erase read-only programmer

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Flashrom is a flash programmer tool used to read, write, erase, and verify. It is often used to save bios/coreboot/firmware/efi images. It supports a wide range of DIP32,PLCC32,DIP8,SO8/SOIC8,TSOP32/40/48 chips, including the use of various protocols such as Lpc,fwh,parallel Flash or SPI. It can also be used to read the existing bios/firmware from the Flash chip.

At present, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/12592.html ">flashrom is widely used in PC motherboard to save the BIOS program and facilitate the program upgrade." Another major application area is used as a substitute for hard disk, with the advantages of anti-seismic, fast, noise-free and low power consumption.

Flashrom 0.9.4 Version update log:

-Support for new programs, including Openmoko Neo1973/freerunner Debug Board, Olimex arm-usb-tiny/-h, arm-usb-ocd/-h, Open Graphics Project Development Card OGD1, Angelbird Wings PCIe ssd/88sx7042, ITE it85xx embedded controller, parallel flash Intel NIC.
-Added many new flash chips, chipsets and motherboards.
-Improved support for Dediprog SF100 and Mac OS X.
-Support Nvidia mcp6x/mcp7x.
-Added SPI Flash emulation virtual program.

Download Address: http://download.flashrom.org/releases/flashrom-0.9.4.tar.bz2

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