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Under the impetus of economic globalization, a large number of foreign trade imitation brand sites have been produced, and foreign trade imitation card station main profit time is very short, a year of sales season also for a few months, of course, the product is not the same, the time will be different, but, the total time, time will not be too long, want to get the highest profit in the short term, In addition to doing a good job of SEO optimization of the site, the stability of the virtual host is also very necessary, so, foreign trade imitation brand Web site to choose a virtual host when the time to step.

A step-by-step: Virtual host domestic or foreign

Since the foreign trade virtual host here to consider buying a virtual host, the choice of domestic or foreign, as netizens we should have such a feeling, visit the domestic web site is very fast, and browse foreign websites is very slow, the same, overseas users visit China's web site will be very slow, This will seriously affect the foreign trade imitation brand of the global promotion of business, so, in choosing a virtual host, if your product is a single country, then, it is best to choose the country's virtual host service provider, if your product is not limited to a country, then choose the United States virtual host, U.S. virtual Host market mature norms, in Europe and the United States to visit the speed is very good.

Second step: Buy a virtual host to see Word-of-mouth

America's virtual host business Long, if you fancy a virtual host, then, also pay attention to see the host business Word-of-mouth, how to explore the reputation of the virtual host business? In fact, it is very simple, you can use Baidu search the host to see the evaluation, of course, some people on the internet will be to other host businesses to slander, At this point, you need to go to a professional American virtual host evaluation Agency to look at the relevant comments, The United States, such as the well-known U.S. host evaluation Forum United States mainframe detective, its site on the majority of the United States virtual host to the evaluation, and the use of related host users, will also be shared, comprehensive comparison, the reputation of the virtual host will know.

Three: Buy virtual host to see services

Buy a virtual host value Word-of-mouth at the same time, also pay attention to the virtual host after-sales service, the better after-sales service, it will ease the user's troubles, once there is no need to worry about the problem, here will have to say Hostease virtual host Perfect service, they entered the Chinese market after the launch of the Chinese station http:// and Chinese service, their Chinese customer service provides 7x24-hour 24x7 services to users, site any problems, directly consult their Chinese customer service, which also the loss of the site to the minimum, the virtual host business good after-sales service, can also be said to be its word of mouth to expand one aspect, only good after-sales service, before Can increase the user's trust to the virtual host merchant.

Four: Buy the virtual host to see the price/performance

The cost of the virtual host is our concern, the United States, the majority of virtual hosting providers unlimited space, unlimited traffic of the virtual host, in the same conditions, the advantages of cost-effective embodiment of the United States, the virtual host webhostingpad their virtual host has a very high cost performance, From their Chinese official website learned that their host program only needs 1.99 U.S. dollars a month, the annual Shang host only need 150 yuan a year, if the use of their discount code GREATCHINA15 buy 1-3 host can also offer a discount of 15 U.S. dollars, the combination of virtual host cost-effective advantage is reflected.

Buy a virtual host whether foreign or domestic, all need to be careful, and for foreign trade imitation brand site, more attention should be paid to the importance of Word-of-mouth, service, cost-effective, but also to strengthen the monitoring of the site, if the site because of infringement complaints, the consequences are very serious, After all, buy the virtual host is foreign products, they are very important to the copyright.

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