Four difficult problems needed to be solved in the construction of business-to-business e-commerce foreign Language network

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E-commerce, a platform for global trade liberalization, has undoubtedly become a major trend of business development in various countries, and with the role of E-commerce platform in the globalized trade more and more important, multilingual business-to-business E-commerce Platform as the inevitable outcome of this trend emerged. Multi-language can provide enterprises around the world a native-speaking environment, so that the Web site to achieve a simple and readable effect, promote the dissemination of information in exchange, so that the convenience and affinity can be integrated into the national market organically, has a far-reaching impact on international trade.

The outstanding advantages of multilingualism are self-evident, so there are four major challenges that need to be addressed before designing and developing a multilingual version of the site.

The first thing to consider is the habit of writing. You know, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and other language writing habits are from right to left, instead of our habitual left to right, accordingly, if you use the navigation bar in the site navigation structure design, you must put it on the right side, don't use your "inertia thinking".

The second is to solve the problem of how to realize the collection and retrieval of different language data information from the technology, because when the customer leaves a message and adds the information to the database, the website should be able to collect the information.

Again is the problem of choosing a character set. Our daily use of the Simplified Chinese (GB2312) character set, while in the field of computer applications there are dozens of different sets of characters, so for multi-language sites, it is easy to see each other because of the use of the character set can not be compatible and garbled situation, which must be noted and resolved.

Finally, the problem of search engine optimization. To know that not all mainstream search engines will support multi-language Web pages, which is why a multilingual site is not necessarily included in all the mainstream search engines, so we have to understand the different language to target the market and customer groups are accustomed to using the search engine or portal site.

This is a simple and sketchy list of the four major challenges that multi-language sites need to address, e-commerce foreign language site only good to overcome these obstacles, in order to make their own website to develop smoothly and rapidly, to play a multilingual site unique advantages and unique characteristics, and ultimately achieve their own ideal results and lofty goals.

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