Four strokes to teach you how to choose server Hosting

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Easy four strokes to teach you to pick a managed server

1th Recruit: The study room focus on its size, history

Although the study room is secondary, but the inspection is also very necessary, do not only listen to service providers boast bandwidth, speed, to see the size of the computer room, history. Now the Beijing machine room, there are new machine room emerged, a said is the level of telecommunications, people say, but the telecommunications class room, did not say that telecommunications open AH, do not misunderstand ah, hehe. Service providers may give you a face-to-face test of the speed of the site, but the good speed of good bandwidth is not always good, this words around the mouth, but it is a common knowledge of the law.

& ">nbsp; A new engine room was originally due to fewer machines, so the speed must be faster, but this new room to take into account the initial start-up costs, often leading to the Internet main line of the total export smaller, operating for a period of time, more customers, the speed will be surprisingly slow (this stage will not be very long, because the new room began to attract tenants at low prices will soon be overcrowded), and many new engine rooms because of talent, equipment, experience, regulations do not keep up, leading to many strange problems, such as Win2000 Machine Fast, FreeBSD machine is slow; There is now the general appearance of the computer room is more luxurious, such as more open in the four or five-star building, this does not explain anything.

2nd recruit: First time hosting may wish to see the ICP Certificate first

If you are hosting for the first time, want to rely on this server to start a business, digging out the first bucket of gold, then absolutely do not consider the ICP license of the "small company", to lock the quality of good, large-scale, famous, reputable large companies, this is the basic principle, even if more than thousands of yuan is worth, this future you will understand why.

3rd recruit: Try to cross unnecessary middleman (intermediary)

As far as possible to cross unnecessary middlemen, less mealy, this is not all to save money (of course, this is one of the factors), because the more middlemen, the future instability factors, may occur shifting, difficult to do. Try to find the hosting provider who rents the cabinet directly from the engine room.

A friend asked if it is best to directly host the computer room? I think it may be, but sometimes directly hosted to the computer room, the price is much more expensive than through the middleman, because the room is mainly for those leasing cabinets of the company, for the sporadic hosting server customers are not very important, the service is not necessarily in good with the hosting service provider.

4th recruit: Do not rush to inspect the engine room first, suggest inspection service provider first

Remember, do not ask the service provider in the computer room to meet, because the inspection room is the second, the inspection service provider is the fundamental, to the company to see the service provider, the house is not large? How many people are there?

General Service providers can not wait about you to see the luxurious room, but remember, the room again luxurious, people's room will not give you any responsibility, out of the problem you only find service providers.

Do not choose to do not have fixed phone, fixed site to do hosting, especially ignore those who only leave PHS, Shenzhou line, QQ number, e-mail people, such people will evaporate at any time, do not look at their online phone talk with you hot, to the serious matter when the vague, so do not put the machine where they put, Or you can't report the machine if it's lost. To see a long history of the old brand room, do not think the old machine room equipment obsolete, in fact, it can be stable operation for so long, its accumulation of talent, experience, equipment, reputation, rules, it is the new room is missing.

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