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Grassroots this word, I think we are not unfamiliar, there is no special background, not a large amount of capital investment, surrounded by a dizzying halo, and what kind of wind, star AH is not stained above. Then, to this vast grassroots people, do anything necessary limit a lot, also don't think what blockbuster. Only walk silently.

In our webmaster ranks, there is a large group of such grassroots, they struggle every day in the active home, lying in front of the computer, silently cultivate their own three-acre field, operation of their own website, hope that through their own efforts, one day farewell to the grass-roots era, become the network elite, standing on the shoulders of giants, become the industry leaders. But in fact, hard work may not change the broad prospects, most grassroots, struggled for a long time, still in situ spinning, unable to take a step forward. There are a lot of reasons for this, but if we make a mistake in choosing a site type at the beginning, we do not have a website that is not good with our own conditions, then the result may have been doomed in the beginning, and the failure is what we have seen in the morning.

Grassroots Webmaster Many will blindly choose to do the site type, or even to do the site, or more simple, is to make money and do, the last harvest is very small. Actually this is understandable, but when you want to be big and strong, time, we can not be such a blind choice, the market has a lot of mature sites, more regular sites have been very dead to the space pressure, so many webmasters do not fully know what to do what kind of site, no accurate positioning, the results of a hasty horse, The final intelligence in exchange for a sad reminder of the results, paid a lot of time, much energy, poured out the hard sweat, and finally did not return.

Whether it is the first time to do the site, or has matured the old webmaster, as a grassroots, in the election to be a webmaster at the same time, it is necessary to combine their own conditions, analysis of their own advantages and disadvantages, according to the goal we want to achieve, choose the appropriate site for their own. Generally speaking, go out some special circumstances, grassroots stationmaster mostly divides into three kinds. The first category is the student class, most is because oneself is the computer department or the network department, after studying the html,div+css and so on related network, whether is the school or oneself all wants to do the website, after the actual operation achieves the further enhancement the goal; the second kind is the otaku class, they because some kind of reason, Either there is no fixed job, or the job is easier, there are a lot of time at home, there is no other things, then do the site, you can also earn some money through the site ads, this is probably for the money to do the site it; the third category is because there is a strong interest in certain areas, whether to make money, does not matter, So there is not a lot of attention, it is not that they care about things, just for their own platform to express their demands, or to be a webmaster addiction. Down, we will focus on the three major categories of potential webmasters to simply talk about what they should choose to make the site.

First of all, the students. Most students belong to have time, no money, have energy, not much expertise. The purpose of the site is relatively simple, that is, through the Web site production process to strengthen their knowledge of learning. As a result of tight funds, they may not have too much money to pay to IDC, generally most of the choice of domestic or foreign space to pay, select the enterprise class or is a kind of knowledge of the introduction page, the site itself is relatively simple, you can use the site to practice Div or other website language. This achieves their original purpose, as far as the final result is concerned, there is no need to consider too much. The cost is very low, domain name dozens of yuan, each year again pay space hundreds of dollars, economic application, when for them, the most important thing is, through this exercise technology, for later study and work, have played a great role in promoting, if accidentally, and then by what people fancy, to invest or willing to buy, it is more of an accident. So for students, the appeal is simple.

Second for the Otaku type webmaster. Money is the first priority, but also because there are some accumulation, the space for investment is relatively large. This kind of stationmaster has a characteristic to be able to make different kind of website every day, and each site does not need to do too long, if the main search site after the site to remove information, they will decisively choose to give up, and then create new sites, so as to achieve through the flow of multiple sites to earn advertising costs. This kind of stationmaster usually has some funds to use, therefore uses the domain name and the server may be more, one-time use two or three servers, registers a dozens of domain name, achieves the east not bright West Bright goal, the final sum has the income on line. For such stationmaster, a small suggestion is that you can first find some key words to plan, the best choice is not very high search volume, daily can reach the IP2000 within the keyword can be, because such webmaster often can operate multiple sites at the same time, so generally speaking, if there are 10 or so every day site, In doing a good job of SEO knowledge, as far as possible to ensure that in the home page, the IP amount can reach 20,000, you can get a relatively satisfactory effect. In addition, the content, as far as possible to choose some related to daily life projects, such as convenience services Ah, life common sense ah, consulting inquiries ah, so that becomes a micro-business site, simple and affordable, but also a good return.

The third Kind stationmaster actually more pure, they do the website purely is in the interest. For example, because I am interested in flowers, OK, I will be a flower-related site; because I like a star, I will be the homepage of a star. Don't want income, just because you like. This webmaster usually do not need a lot of professional web site production technology, usually using sever2003, MySQL is enough. The specific transaction is also relatively simple, in the local architecture of a VM, according to their own related only in the local VM rewrite into their desired mode, edited after the online can be completed. Because this kind of webmaster usually is for the interest, and does not want to have how much income, therefore usually such website income also will be more limited. Therefore, as far as possible to the principle of less expenditure, if you want to improve, you can buy some of the Web site production related books, in the local VM debugging learning, to achieve their own requirements can be. Not too much attention to the so-called customer experience Ah, the user needs Ah, because this site users only themselves. Therefore, this kind of website usually belongs to the simple type.

Of course, we are here to talk about the general want to do the site's grassroots how to choose the site, if you say, my goal is to do the next Sina, that Buddy, or a solid learning technology, looking for investment opportunities, this can no longer be discussed in the scope of today. In fact, no matter what web site, we should combine their own conditions and hope to achieve the goal, reasonable choice, reasonable planning, steady implementation, so as to make the most of the Web site you want. Do grassroots stationmaster also want to be successful grassroots stationmaster not?

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