Hong-shun Tatsu: Gradually reveal server hosting and leasing puzzle

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Rational travel around the world, unreasonable unable to do. And how the word came, and how to comply. IDC Hongda Xinda to help you understand the server hosting and leasing industry "rationale" word-contract! True to have the basis, the reason can be kept.


well known in the process of server hosting, first we need to understand the credibility of IDC Trustee and its own room resources! The higher the credibility, the more secure our hosting server will be. And its own room more abundant resources and strength, our choice will be more, regardless of distance, traffic, security, these are guaranteed. And these Hong-shun Tatsu all have! Founded in 2006, is China's well-known http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/11969.html "> Internet applications and IDC service providers, is the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission awarded the" High-tech Enterprises The title of High-tech Enterprises. Hong-Shun Tatsu has the computer room resources including Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park double line IDC room, also Zhuang Unicom dual-line data room, Langfang Telecom dual-line computer room, Hebei Shijiazhuang unicom IDC data room. Each room is built according to the standards of the top room. The powerful operating environment of the computer room and the mode of multi-line BGP interconnection with Unicom, telecommunication, mobile and education network to meet the needs of clients all over the country, so that the transmission speed of the network is faster and more convenient. It is precisely because of its stable, fast IDC room service, Beijing Hongda Xinda to win the recognition of many companies. So choose to trust Shanghong all have security! When all this is clear, the first contact is between each other, and the sales specialist asks for our actual requirements and recommends the appropriate package. After that, the custodian chamber sends us an electronic version of the escrow or lease contract! This time we must carefully read the contract!


first, the bandwidth of the contract, the opening date, payment method, amount, etc. are the most basic, we need to verify first, and then the rights and obligations of the need to strictly comply with national laws and regulations, should not use the network to carry out illegal activities! There is also the maintenance of the server need to pay attention to the matter also need to understand clearly, so that the work of both sides after the implementation, and then the breach of the provisions of the understanding, this matter whether the two sides can always be happy to cooperate and not damage the interests of both sides. These points are more important convenience, there are other aspects of the one by one.


To be a brand is to be a conscience! Hong-Shun Tatsu ((www.hongtuidc.cn)) has been adhering to the purpose of customer service. The purpose is to make our customers more assured, worry and time-saving! If you have the intention or to our products are not very clear to our company's website. Above has our professional elite sales customer service QQ and sales hotline and the recent company a variety of preferential packages to facilitate your choice!


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