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Although technology is not mainstream, but as a novice webmaster, at least to understand the HTML, at least to change links, the font color bar. A time ago a friend asked HTML is not very difficult, I put admin5 html tutorial to him, said to spend one weeks of time, the commonly used tags to remember, this friend told me today, spent a long time, the label has been remembered, but it is not used.

In the daily maintenance of the website, for the HTML language, in fact, we need to remember that the label is not much, the individual feel that only need to master its basic grammatical structure, will hand-write commonly used code on it, the following with the novice friend to share the basic structure of HTML syntax and the use of commonly used

Basic structure of HTML syntax:

The basic structure of all HTML documents is the same:


<head><title> site Title </title></head> (the content between head tags will not be displayed in the body of the article, typically contains keywords, description language, CSS code, such as the content between the title tag is the title of the site, such as the title of ADMIN5 is "Webmaster Network | Webmaster must on the site-the Chinese webmaster Information resources, transactions, Nets earn, training center", which is included in the HTML text of the title tag between the

<body> here is the body content of the Web page </body>


The above is the basic syntax structure of HTML, all HTML text is in accordance with the above structure.

Common tags that beginners must master:

HTML tags are more, but with the help of Dreamweaver software does not need to remember the complex label, just want to know the meaning of the label, will modify the value of the attribute tag, the following simple to share the common "font", href and the use of IMG tags, These three labels in peacetime use a higher frequency.

1.font:font tags are mainly for the color of the text, font, size changes, with the most of the color changes, the use of the method is:

<font color= "" > Modified text content </font>, for example, we want to "ADMIN5 webmaster net" These words into red, then its syntax is <font color= "red" >admin5 Webmaster Network </font>. For example, if you want to change the text of a link in your site to a different color from another link, you can add a font label directly to the text. The font and size of the text and the modification of the color of the same way, the friends to see the tutorial on the understanding.

2.href:href is mainly used to exchange links, here only to say how to use this tag in the Site page to add this window open and new window open text links to use the method.

For example, you want to add ADMIN5 Webmaster network links in the site, so that users click Admin5 Webmaster Network in this window to open Webmaster Web page, the code is <a href=>admin5 Webmaster network </a> If you want to allow users to click on the new window open, the code is <a href= target=_blank>admin5 Webmaster Network </a>, if you want to let the user's mouse put up after the "webmaster Network" Text content, you only need to change the code <a href= " target=_blank alt= webmaster net >admin5 webmaster network </a>."

3. If you want to increase the picture link, let the user click the picture to jump to the corresponding website, then only need to the above code "ADMIN5 webmaster Net" to <img src= "picture Address", we opened in a new window as an example, then the code is <a href=http :// target=_blank><img src=></a>.

A few strokes, just to play a role, webmaster to continue to learn, ready to do webmaster and do not know how to do the site of friends, you may wish to start from the HTML bar. (Text/knife

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