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Site of the duplicate content, small left has been more concerned about this, Google officials have been promoting and reminding webmasters, need to pay attention to the site repeated the content of the problem. Why does Google do this? One is to affect the user's search experience. The second is to increase the burden of the program. So, to share with you today, how to optimize the content of the site through the details of the control, as far as possible to avoid duplication of content.

First of all, there is a rich content of the site, which is the basis of your SEO optimization. As the saying goes, "bricks". Content is the basis, if you do not have some high-quality content, then please tidy up the content.

Second, add site search to this website. Now many websites are using CMS system, have ready-made search function, but there is an obvious flaw is that you do not know the CMS system search rules and sorting methods, can not be effective control of search results. Therefore, I generally have their own development site search, the content of the site in the order to consider the user experience at the same time, consider some SEO factors, such as, will often be searched to the back of the content, priority to appear in those infrequently found content. Again, limit the number of search results, delete frequently occurring entries, and so on. These details can effectively reduce the site search results included in the duplicate content, the content optimization is more advantageous. Search results page content will not be repeated with the content of other sites, the biggest problem is to avoid repeat content in the station, so the search rules and sorting method is very important.

Third, the establishment of a key database of the industry. This thesaurus can basically cover all the core keywords and long tail keywords in the industry. Accumulating this thesaurus is critical and there are many ways to do it. For example, through the Google Keyword Tool industry classification plus keyword screening, through the site's statistical analysis tools obtained through the log analysis, through the analysis of the auction to obtain, through peer-site analysis to obtain, and so on. Method Everybody basically knows, but can do well the person is not many, the title, the detail decides success or failure.

Four, search in the site search words in the thesaurus of the keywords, the search results are more rich keywords recorded. Create separate pages for these keywords, and each page turns to the corresponding search results page. This creates thousands of search results pages. Of course, these search results pages are also filled with duplicate content. You need to further adjust the search rules to reduce duplication of content. You can also adjust the generation rules for the search results page so that the entries in the search results page generated by the same content for different keywords are not the same, and that the differences are as large as possible and consistent with the user experience. You can also avoid duplication by nofollow properties, and so on. The purpose of these details adjustment is to minimize the duplication of content, the better the details, the higher the quality of the search engine.

Five, the right amount of add site links. Many seoer attach importance to the outside of the site, but often ignore the inner chain. A reasonable inner chain is more important than a chain to a large site. For the search results page, you need to add some relevant search links to increase the internal chain. At this time it is necessary to control the relevant search algorithm, making the relevant content more reasonable. At the same time, some of the content is relatively biased, not naturally related to other content, it is necessary to optimize the internal chain settings. To scale the content, there must be a reasonable chain of internal monitoring and adjustment procedures, which are not in most SEO companies. This approach becomes a "systematic seo" on the page. To do systematic SEO, must be in the initial design of the site will be SEO considerations, in the system architecture when the internal link to consider the monitoring and adjustment issues, taking into account the overall site SEO problem. These are not the general SEO company can do.

VI, the establishment of a sound monitoring system, the site's collection, ranking, flow and transformation to monitor. At the same time, according to the monitoring results of the content optimization control and feedback, and further optimization. Perfect monitoring system is a company SEO to mature logo, is a scientific SEO must.

In short, the Site content optimization, details are the key to success or failure. Article by the Webmaster Bar feeds A5, reproduced please indicate webmaster Bar (, thank you!

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