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Today's movie sites have a lot of, I believe that a large number of webmasters have tried to do film station, but do a good job of the station is not uncommon, that does not mean that the film station now do not have the opportunity? I think the opportunity is still there, mainly to see how you operate, operating. Looking at the current form, the biggest problem is the same content and the same template, Baidu has been not in favor of no original site, so seize this point to think about how to create a personalized film station is the urgent matter. and choose the right mode of operation plus a good user experience, I believe your film station will stand out. The following author will share with you the experience of the film network construction station, I hope to webmaster friends help.

I. Website PROCEDURE Selection

To do the film station must first select a set of ready-made CMS, of course, can also develop their own, in order to save costs, I believe most of the webmaster are using doctrine, now free film program has a lot of, such as the Max CMS, fly cms, Ray CMS, choose More, depending on their own situation, The author of the film station is the use of Marx, elected her for the following reasons:

1, max Film program has several years of history, is also regarded as the industry boss, and the function is sound, less loopholes, better performance, more templates;

2, many large stations are used to build her station;

3, she is developed by ASP, you can choose SQL Server database, the author is a technical background, the things of Microsoft have a unique feeling.

4, the author has its own server, the environment is Microsoft platform, suitable for the Max CMS.

Ii. template selection and modification

After the program is determined is the template choice, now a variety of templates have a lot, in the official web can be found. Most of the templates are free, and there are charges, in order to save the cost, the general stationmaster chooses the free template, but the author thinks that cannot take, wants to let oneself the movie station stand out, must in the website style up and down point the work, and does not say completely own design template, at least suitably modifies the template to be used for oneself. Template selection is essential, good templates can improve the user experience can also enhance the spider's goodwill, le for it? After several twists and turns, the author finally chose a more rare template, the template simple, atmosphere, more suitable for me, and then began my template modification road.

First please acquaintances free to help design logo and the overall style of change, hey, do not have the resources of friends can go to pig on a task, or very cheap. After that, you modify the template file, including CSS style modification, head tail modification, home page content layout, search function enhancement (including support combination query), the navigation increases two level column, the topic page's setting, the layout optimization, the removal advertisement and so on, anyway can change all changed, the goal is enhances the user experience. This circle down to Max's label can be used freely, interested friends can communicate together. Of course, some of the changes should be familiar with HTML, CSS and programming language, it does not matter, you can selectively modify, to achieve their desired purpose. However, to note that the browser compatibility, after the modification must be tested in each browser to see if the normal.

Third, the film data source selection

Content is a site's core, film station is no exception, film resources is the core movie site, film update speed, movie rate, playback speed, information integrity determines the quality of resources, so choose a good source of data is the premise of the film station. Now many people use a key to collect plug-ins to update data, make a large part of the site similarity is extremely high, and resource instability, resulting in the final result may be two: one is included less or even K station, the second is in similar sites without competitive advantage, traffic has been hovering not before. Here a lot of people to say, can be false original, is can, but you have not thought, false original is to damage the user experience one of the culprits, no user viscosity of the site, the closure is only a matter of time, of course, want to do a little thing.

That how to obtain high-quality reliable film resources, I think the good resources on their own excavation and accumulation of accumulated, the early can be collected to ensure the number of films, and then add some personalized resources, manually add data, remove duplicate data. Potatoes, Youku often change links, resources are not stable on the collection, of course, do not blindly collect some of the film station resources, after all, the best for their own.

Iv. selection and utilization of auxiliary tools

Max program function has been very strong, but there are deficiencies, such as the automatic collection function is not very user-friendly, so the author of the existing procedures and operating procedures to use some of the tools used in the collation and development, specific as follows:

1, the backstage news collects the function, the Marx procedure already has, may use for the collection movie basic information, this collection function has many kinds of usage, can bring the surprise to you with good, may make your movie station to be different. For example, if you want data from a movie list, you can focus on collecting that part of the data.

2, the basic information acquisition needs to merge data, integration and so on, so I developed a small tool for automatic processing of data merging;

3, the Daily automatic collection function development, the function includes the daily collection, the automatic generation HTML, eliminates the dark chain, the automatic processing illegal comment and the message and so on;

4, because the acquisition rule is based on the title of the judge, the title is exactly the same as the same film, so many titles have a small difference but actually the same film needs to carry out repetitive content filtering;

5, because the author website is the regular station, therefore needs to delete the ethics piece data automatically;

V. Domain Name Server selection

If you want to quickly have rankings, nature is to choose the old domain name and have a certain PR value of the domain name to do for the movie station domain name, there is no matter, that new registration, everything at the beginning of difficult, but to remember to choose the first-line domain Name service providers, services more secure. Registered domain name should be selected and their own movie site name matches the domain names, choose easy Spelling or English, the number also become, the shorter the better, such as you want to do the movie rankings, optional DYPHB as the domain name, of course, English better. Select the type of domain name is best international COM domain name, although the domestic domain name has been open to individual registration, but the need to record before you can use, remember.

The choice of space, of course, is the highest independent server priority, then the VPS, and then the virtual host, according to their own budget to choose the appropriate space, the budget is comfortable to select the server, but need to understand the server and have dedicated maintenance, the second is selected VPS, also need to understand the server, the advantage lies in the price is cheap; Because the movie station picture occupies the space to be big, if generates the static page, then needs the bigger space, the suggestion 2G above space. The choice of virtual space should also pay attention to stability and bandwidth, long-term unstable space not only affect Baidu included, but also let the user a lot of loss, bandwidth and concurrency is not enough will affect access. There are some suggestions for server operation:

1, no matter what space, need enough space for daily backup, lest data loss;

2, in order to improve access speed, reduce bandwidth use, you should also enable gzip compression;

3, try to use static page way to access, can increase the speed of access to reduce the database access burden;

4. Enable 404 custom error pages to avoid dead links;

5, if the server will turn off unnecessary services, targeted server optimization to ensure security;

6, the site needs to record, out of the mix or to law-abiding, of course, foreign space exceptions.

Vi. Choice of key words

Movie Station Hot keyword competition is very fierce, I believe the general webmaster will avoid these popular keywords, choose some long tail of keywords or relatively unpopular keywords, such as to avoid fast sowing and Baidu audio and video and other words. Of course, if you have good resources, you can also join the ranks of popular competition, although the author is not seoer origin, but still understand one or two, SEO spelling or resources. The choice of key words here is not much to say, I believe we all have their own methods, there are some professional articles for reference.

Well, here a professional movie Network was born, everything is only owed Dongfeng, pick a auspicious auspicious line on the line. Next is the website operation part, completes the operation strategy, the plan, winning. The operation of the website is very important, not one or two sentences can be said clearly, the author will be in the website operation chapter to share with you how the movie network should operate.

This article by the movie list original all, starts in A5, hoped for everybody to have the help. Welcome reprint, Reprint please keep the copyright information, thank you!

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