How to build an ideal station from scratch

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I am learning computer, in the work also take over some of the site's projects, in the site did not build their own before, I think there is nothing good to build the website, the request to write well?

But a chance, when I decided to set up a station, I found that the station is not a simple matter, there are many problems to consider.

First, before building a station, to determine the content of a good site, now a lot of sites, with the word flooding is not too much, how to let your station to stand out, with satisfactory flow, this is a very important thing, if the early positioning is not good, will affect the flow of a large extent. Confused query a variety of information, I decided to establish a pioneering nature of the site, because now "entrepreneurship" is a more popular words, do such a site, if the later keywords do good, you can have a relatively good flow.

After the content positioning, the following work is to start to build the station, content, keywords, these two are I think in the process of building a more important place. The first, content, as a new station, there should be some of their own things, so that the search engine is included in the time is relatively easy, if your site on the whole is a turn of the content of other sites, then this site is not easy to be included. The second, the keyword, this is very important. Search the site, users just according to the keyword to find, if the keyword does not good, otherwise it is no use, or else is too low rankings, traffic there is no way to upgrade.

After good, the following will begin to promote, personal think promotion don't like advertising, everywhere to post. To choose a large flow of web sites or forums, send some more practical articles, so that the relatively fast.

After the search engine included, the following will begin to improve traffic. I have just done this step, is groping, welcome everyone to exchange, to provide good advice. My site: Zero Venture Network (

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