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The choice of website space is a thing that stationmaster must face, and on the basis of the website space Choice is the VPS and the server choice, along with the Internet industry unceasing development, the VPS and the server importance also gradually highlights, many stationmaster in the Operation website to a time period then will think to the website to expand the promotion, Expand the comprehensive performance of the website, this time to change a high-quality host or server is a lot of webmaster will do one thing, but in the process of exchanging the VPS and server choice, many times stationmaster one-sided pursuit of high performance but neglected the quality of the word, a lot of owners also suffered losses.

VPS and Server Unlike a simple small space, they often assume more important functions, so do a good job VPS and Server choice is the foundation of the station, the following to talk about how webmaster in the site upgrade process to do a good job VPS and server choice, so that their website can be a good guarantee on the basis of rapid development.

First, the choice of VPS and server attention to price elements

VPS and server and webmaster in the initial stage of the application of the site space has a fundamental difference, in the choice of site space AdSense can spend dozens of or hundreds of yuan to a high quality and low price of the host, but in the VPS and server webmaster is not dependent on the year, many webmaster to save the cost will choose to rent a VPS and server, Therefore Stationmaster chooses the VPS and the server when must pay attention to the price element. In general, the price of the site space is 50-300 per year, and the price of the VPS and the server is 300--3000 monthly, do not say the higher the quality of the better, but it is certain that below 300 is certainly inferior quality.

Second, the choice of VPS and server pay attention to brand choice

Brand is the soul of the enterprise, we can see in the ADMIN5 data center with the server hosting and VPS rental information, and in which we can get a lot of useful information, including price, memory, hard disk, thread and so on information, can say ADMIN5 data center information is more complete, We can also see some information from other agents, for example, * * data in the VPS rental, we can only see the price and VPs, the rest of what resource information can not be seen, such brands are not worthy of webmaster selection, we can also in the west to learn a number of VPS and server information. In understanding the information after the webmaster will pass the search engine than the evaluation, than the credibility, such as from Baidu know, Baidu Bar, data forum and so on to know some VPS and server agents information, if the user said that the price and Low-cost VPS and server is worth choosing.

Third, according to the site needs to choose the VPS and server

The site needs to choose a VPS with a measurement of the server, in terms of ordinary webmaster VPS is a common site space for a progressive space, and on the server, it's space, independence, quality and so on conditions are higher than the VPS. For the general personal webmaster to choose a high-quality VPS host will be able to meet the usual needs of the site operation, it has a certain degree of independence, host space is also relatively stable, and the site does not affect each other. For corporate websites, the server should be the core of their consideration, the enterprise has the server can at any time on the site to regulate, enhance defense capabilities, management users and so on, recommended medium-sized enterprises or large individual webmaster can choose the server.

The choice of VPS and server is more important than the choice of website space, because this is in the site space based on the rise of a step, if the webmaster in this process is not a good choice of work, then the loss of the site is very large, so in the choice of time must not be too stingy, often low price of its effect is not good, At the right price to choose a high-quality host This is the truth, I hope the webmaster choose carefully when choosing. This article link:, computer wallpaper stationmaster expect stationmaster friend's support.

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