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The general nature of the Web site, do search engine marketing, selling products, is feasible, but as our website operation began to promote marketing efforts into the search engine marketing, to bring traffic and revenue to the site. The various stages of the website operation will adopt different methods, according to the information of the site to decide how to promote and operate, according to my personal practice and friends of the success of the case, that the following method is more appropriate.

First stage: (two months, information reached 800-1200)

At present, the production level of the site, first built a good classification, you can first release information, news, daily 10 to 20 activities of the complete information input, to ensure that the initial site content of the website. To ensure the smooth and stable operation of the website, the content of the site is basically complete. When publishing information, if it is copying others, we have to the information based on the collection of Baidu algorithm to adjust, the first and last paragraph of the article and the middle of the adjustment, or in the front of the text to add their own content, so that when included, he thought your content is original, will be the first to retrieve the content of your site, Make your site content in front of the line so that the first thing users find is your site.

The second stage: (two months, the product reached 1000-1600)

Site production is basically completed, the basic classification of all goods built, and then released for help products, every 30 minutes to send a product speed, 8 hours a day, 16 to 30, the release of products, in order to adapt to the expected IP effect, so with the reduction of the regional keyword method, For example, Baidu is now looking for a rental of modern car information, we reprint the release, look at the source of this product, is Beijing Chaoyang District, that hair when the title, is Beijing Chaoyang District rental Hyundai, and then the following release of his product details.

(At this stage, we recommend that the website be posted well.) )

Phase III: (one months, set up 20-30 blog visits)

Using current netizens like blogging features, then we also in, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Chinese, Tianya, and so on famous website, to "7souzu" as the name, the establishment of blog, Non-stop access to different people's blog, leaving footprints, so that netizens to exchange visits, so will soon increase the number of visits to the site, Back can also be posted on the blog post and soft, blog content, the article in the number of about 1 to 3 articles, one is about rent nets to introduce the relevant soft, there is a large event announcements.

Phase IV: (one months, website small function upgrade)

At present, there is a time relationship, the site does not comment on the function of products, we do not know the true extent of the product, so the site at the bottom with product reviews, collections, reports, and other functions.

The fifth stage: (two months, do soft text, mail, QQ, Wang Wang, uc,51 hanging, large forums, such as advertising. )

1, the soft article promotion: After the website information completes, should exert the mind, writes several about this website main body characteristic, the development foreground paper grade article, attaches own signature, the website Web site, the contact method and so on, and manages to make it spreads widely.

2, Mass Mail: The use of mail promotion is a site to promote the indispensable means, but the specific operation of a lot of stress, must not blindly hair, once blocked by the mail server site, it is very passive. At the same time also must be clear, this means has a great negative effect, can only be enough, must not all promote all rely on mail, that and suicide is not much different, in the mail you sent to create a "signature", so that potential customers to contact you. Most messaging systems have the ability to create signatures. The signature will automatically appear at the end of every message you send. The signature should be limited to 6-8 lines, including: Company name, address, telephone, URL, eail address and a description of your business.

3, the same trade expansion: to other people's forum to send a post, but to the point, not four enemies, preferably in the identity of the user in the signature of the use of this site information, in addition to their own post, see who posted up top.

4, the use of personal instant Messaging tools: To find QQ, like, bubble, MSN and other mass tools, crazy hair message.

5, the use of software stations to promote: Select their own site on the part of the content, made into e-books, timely when the launch of the software download site, a short period of time can receive very good results. And these e-books can be posted to other websites.

6, to the major bar, forum publicity: This is more effective, the attention is: must not send a look is advertising posts, collation can be released.

Sixth stage: (one months, online looking for leasing company)

In the online collection of housing, automobiles, machinery, computers, advertising and other leasing companies to our website to open the integrity of the shop, and then, can do activities, such as hair 50 or more goods or product volume ranked before 10 to send a class domain name.

Phase seventh: (the following are optional)

1, the implementation of membership marketing: Alliance members on their own website to join the leader's website link, through the link into the implementation of sales, will give the member a certain commission. The implementation of membership marketing needs to consider the following factors: the proportion of commission to the member, develop the appropriate affiliate program, promote the membership alliance to get more members to link your site. You can use some Member Alliance management software and so on to manage.

2, speculation: the promotion can not be separated from speculation, a reasonable speculation, unconsciously set up their own brand, fried their own users, to fry their own model. Speculation is also the least money and the least risky investment. Reasonable use of attention to the resources, the network of this emerging industry is very good.

3, can do mouse pad, cushion, restaurant napkin, paper cups, umbrellas, handbags, shopping bags, desk calendar, calendars, sent to customers.

4, the website opens the integral system, opens a virtual shop in the Taobao to carry on the exchange and so on, the integral Exchange website and so on.

5, Baidu to do the promotion, do the league theme activities, Web Template contest and so on.

6, can consider brush IP, brush flow, etc., but to be appropriate, carefully Baidu ban.

The whole down estimated to be 8 months, when the site users to more than 500, and then on the site, integrity members, ordinary members of the division.

This website Business Plan Project reprint, please indicate the source,

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