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How to do a simple small web site, please note: Having a domain name does not mean you have a website. Before you do, think about what the site is for. Static or dynamic, at least to understand a little bit of code knowledge, do not understand the program, but also to some understanding of the HTML.

Otherwise, I suggest that you go to the major sites to apply for a blog to write a diary to forget:

If you:

1. Do a resume-style small website

The above put some articles, pictures or materials, and the file is not much, then choose static space to be done. You can do it yourself or find someone to do a page template, your own set of content


Overall down as long as 99 yuan, including domain name and space. Application in Http:// Oh, and they are now registered members also send 10 Yuan coupons

, that is to say, as long as 89 yuan can do your website!

2. Popular Blogs

This is a lot of choices, and there are a lot of programs that are quite perfect. You can look at their previews to find something you want. My blog now uses the Pjblog program, the address,

You can see it in the bottom, ASP.

General personal site to choose a virtual host on it, the overall down as long as 99 yuan, including domain names and space. Apply in

。 Download the program for free, you keep the other people's copyright is, or to pay the money oh.

3. Blog Provider

This, basically must have the Network Foundation. The General blog service People do not need to see my profile, but if you are a rookie, but also want to do ...

You have to go to every forum to soak for at least half a month. Come and talk to me after you know.

And you have to understand, the basic knowledge of domain name, what is a virtual host, and how to use Dreamweaver, Photoshop.


Therefore, do not think you have built the station is how easy, but it will not be difficult, if you want to know more about the relevant knowledge.

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