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At present, the local portal network is a lot of grassroots webmaster performance stage, because the local portal network profit point is also relatively rich, so the effect of money is not so bad, but many people can not be very perfect to control the local portal network, the key is the operation of the idea is not correct, below we will introduce how to operate a good local portal network ideas!

One: Publicity and promotion should be divided into primary and secondary

At present, there are only two ways to promote, one is online promotion, one is offline promotion, in fact, these two methods if the appropriate operation, so that can play a plus one more than two effect. Generally speaking, if it's for a national website, for example, professional website, E-commerce site, these sites are more appropriate to do online promotion, because the effect of the local promotion is not very meaningful, and for the local portal network, online promotion and online promotion can be used, However, should be to promote the main line, online promotion supplemented!

Many local portals always like to put their energy on the optimization search engine, but the general local Portal Network keyword competition is not so fierce, as long as a little effort is able to do the first few, the key is how to give you the local portal network to bring loyal users and high conversion rate of users, The main work will be done through the line, such as through the local DM advertisers, through the local some relatively inexpensive media, as well as through the way to send leaflets and so on a variety of creative ways to promote their own site, so you can form a more well-known site!

We have a summary of the promotion of local portal network, generally in the website under the official line to promote, need a lot of effort to promote online, SEO and so on, wait until the keyword to do the search engine in front of the full line to promote, so that can give full play to the two ways to promote the expertise!

Second: The view of the key promotion object in the initial stage of local portal network operation

Many webmasters want to eat a fat one mouthful, in the site to build almost, began to pull ads to various businesses to earn advertising fees, thought that this can quickly make their own website to gain profits, this is actually to speed and not up to the typical, the author of this problem has its own ideas, now also let everyone can share!

Before the formal promotion, the first thing to do is to enrich the content of the site, for example, can be reproduced on the Web site of similar sites, can also be false original, but also every day appropriate to update the false original, every day to adhere to, when the site has a certain amount of traffic to carry out the promotion, at this time should be based on net users, And let netizens to their website to provide some suggestions for improvement, generally speaking, the development of the site is a number of second-hand information, dating marriage, job search, housing sales and so on, and for the mall channel can be slow to build, and so on the site more users up, you can release this information to users, At this point you focus on the construction of the mall channel, at this time the site also has a certain popularity, in the run when the merchant will not appear doors phenomenon! Can talk about the possibility of the order will be increased greatly!

The last thing to remember is not to fool the merchant, business is not a fool, even if you fooled success, the money is also very short, and thereafter there will be a lot of negative information circulating on the network for your future website operation industry is very unfavorable, so the operation of the site must achieve three points, One is the business through the website to achieve the volume and improve brand awareness, one is the site can provide users with useful information, the last is the site to be able to make money! Only this is the real successful operation of the website! Source: Eight Shop site original first, reproduced please keep.

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