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The first thing you need to know is: To do a website is to include three elements, that is, domain name, space and website program.   Domain and space online also have free, but my personal experience does not recommend the use of free domain names and space. Because the free domain name is two or three domain name, there is no weight, Baidu is not included, and any top-level domain is a need to spend money to buy. As for free space, many are not stable, there are very few after-sales service, space out of the problem may be 1:30 will also find no one to help you solve. Free space is stable and fast there are few after-sales service. We recommend that you buy the official domain name and space, have after-sale protection. Free construction station is mainly the website program this piece, the following describes several available free resources:   1. Free Build Enterprise Station online There are many free open source CMS station system, such as DEDECMS, The official website, goes to the website downloading this set of programs, uploads installs to own purchase the space, the configuration database file, but this backstage operation is a bit complex, needs oneself to spend the time to study, is suitable for understands the procedure Foundation person to use.   Free construction Enterprise station recommended the use of Self-Service construction station system, now the market has a lot of self-service construction station system, so many how to choose? Recommended choice of easy to operate, user-friendly, easy to manage, templates easy to modify, I personally prefer billion data self-service construction station system, buy their space can be free to get self-service build stations, and provide technical services have after-sale protection. Official website: http:// visualization operation, no need for any build station foundation, the template also has hundreds of sets, can be replaced at any time, the most important is full-featured, can modify the template on the various columns and modules, background, text, pictures, products, video, online customer service can be modified to add or delete, the module can also be dragged to maximize the realization of their own personalized web site production. Interested friends can go to their site for trial, trial address: free Trial, input verification code can be.   2. Free Forum Forum General installation is Discuz official website or Phpwind official website These two kinds of forum procedures, the two functions almost. To the official online download, and then upload installed in their own space, installed to visit after the forum to set up the needs of the background of the columns and modules, the official network has a corresponding course of action.   3. Free LDTX Purchase Site free program: The most Earth group purchase site: daily purchase: Download program upload to their own space   4. Free Web site navigation website 114, web site Navigation official website:; 5. Free Build Shop website Ecshop Shop System official website: ShopEX Online Shop System official website: Zen cart Online Shop System official website: These mall system function is powerful, Comprehensive and complete and free to download and use.   6. Free Build Blog website emlog official website: Http:// official website: WordPress official website:  All of these can be logged into the corresponding official website download, and then upload the installation to their own purchase space, and then the domain name resolution to the space can be accessed. If you do not install or save time, you can also buy hundreds of millions of data on the virtual host, the host management panel can be a free installation of a key, greatly facilitate the operation of everyone.

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