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How to better use the WordPress site and CRM (Customer management Management)? One of the best options is to use Salesforce, but there was no better combination of the two. What is Salesforce? The global leader in on-demand CRM solutions has unparalleled customer success rates. Further explain everyone see the reference Baidu Encyclopedia This article will show you how to integrate WordPress and Salesforce, and turn your WordPress site into a source of access for potential customers. We will use the Salesforce potential customer utility.

Why use Salesforce to integrate WordPress?

The use of CRM to obtain customer benefits is a lot more conservative than the general business system to better analyze customers, because they have a more professional and scientific analysis platform. This is nothing more than to carry out e-commerce more effectively. And Saleforce is the leader in CRM.

WordPress is a very good website platform, especially applied to the construction of the enterprise site. is also widely used in the product front desk sales. But WordPress is not a CRM, so it is very likely to lead to customer churn.

If we combine the two, we can better play their role. So it is necessary to use Salesforce to integrate WordPress.

Ii. potential customers of Salesforce

After you register your salesforce account, your account contains a potential customer application. It allows you to design a contact form. And will give an HTML code, almost can be applied to any site, of course, WordPress system is no exception.

Iii. Create a lead form

First log in to your account and locate the Settings menu. In the Drop-down menu on the right of the account login page. The following figure:

After clicking on the settings, there is an "Application Settings" menu on the left side of the Salesforce Management panel, and click "Customize" below:


There are a number of application lists under customization, and we need to select potential customers:


Below the potential customer subordinate menu no matter, just click on "Lead", the following page will appear:


Note here that if the "enabled online lead" is not checked, click Edit, and tick. If checked, click the Create online lead form to create:


Now you need to add the required fields from the left to the right, and do not need to move from the right to the left. This is similar to access software. The return URL can be filled in or not filled in. If completed, the user submits the content will pop up this page, the user experience is better. Similar to "Thank you for submitting, we will contact you as soon as possible" and so on. I filled in the test. then click Build.

Next comes the HTML code:


At this point, the Salesforce setting is complete. Next we go to WordPress backstage.

Four, create a contact page in WordPress

Login WordPress background, add a page or article, recommend adding pages, in the editor to text (HTML) mode, the above piece of code pasted into the editor. If your modern code is more bloated, you can delete the annotation and the contents. So there's a lot less code. Then click Publish to see the resulting contact form:


Now you can test, enter the relevant content, point to submit, then go to the Salesforce, you will see the potential customer information:


The above Zhang is the author has just been tested.

This salesforce consolidates WordPress successfully. This article is the original source, Dot Gold theme net Welcome reprint, but please keep admin5 and dot Gold theme net link.

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