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In the market economy, everywhere pay attention to the flow, a store value depends on its location, and the location depends on the quality of people flow, want to let the store to bring us good earnings, then improve the flow of people is the necessary choice. In other words, a site to the stability of the development, with a stable income, then promote a stable flow is the necessary prerequisite. However, to improve the flow of the site is not a difficult thing, as long as the method of grasping, traffic will follow.

The so-called "All roads lead to Rome, 18 road hero recount" for a new station, increase traffic is particularly important, because a Web site's development stems from traffic, there is the flow of income, but also to the webmaster hit a strong heart needle, so that the new webmaster have enough courage and confidence to continue to maintain the site, so that the site better development. I think beginners use long tail words to replace keywords to get traffic is a good choice for the new station. Next I will share with you how I use the long tail Word to enhance the site traffic:

First: Enhance the site weight is the premise

Weight for a website to say the impact is obvious and easy to see. The higher the weight of the site, the faster the long tail word ranking, and some sites can even achieve a multiplier effect. So how do we improve the weight of our website to promote the ranking of long tail words? In fact, the method is very simple, just to see whether the webmaster have a firm confidence and tenacious implementation of perseverance to do. To enhance the weight of a website, webmasters must update their website content every day, try to explore some users interested in information, enhance the user's experience, adhere to the user. And original is the first choice, adhere to update the original content every day, this will enhance the search engine on the site's attention to speed up the content of the site included. In addition, the webmaster also insist on hair outside the chain, is the so-called "content for the king outside the chain for the emperor", through the chain, search engines can come to your site faster. As long as every day to adhere to this to help the site weight increase, slowly these long tail words will rely on the weight of the site quickly climbed.

Second: The choice of long tail words is the basis

Website traffic size and the site's key words are closely related, in this era of high-speed Internet development, contact with the network more and more people, of course, in order to meet the needs of Internet users, a website thereby rising. Today, in this network of the sea, the key words have been used flooded. For some new stations to want to put a keyword to do a good position is simply haidilaozhen. Gradually, the long tail word on the replacement of the status of the keyword, a site if you can seize the user's psychology, selected long tail words, so as long as these words do not worry about the flow of the problem. Then how should stationmaster choose these words? Since said is the long tail word, then these words must be the user most direct input target word, for example a website is makes the handset, then the user generally will not hit "The mobile phone" This keyword carries on the search, because this kind of keyword real scope is too big. Even if there is, it is not easy to make the word "mobile phone" to the home page, the competition is very big, the index is 600.07 million. And users will generally search "new smart phone Sony Ericsson music Phone" and other specific target long tail words to search. Therefore, when choosing the long tail word, we should choose some words related to the nature of our website, these words are best to be less competitive and have a certain flow of words. Choose the right long tail words want it to do the first page is relatively easy, so let the long tail word to bring traffic to the site, remember to choose the long tail words.

Third: The long tail word reasonable layout is the condition

Long tail words in the Web page to be the search engine attention, then it in the Web page of the rational layout takes a key role. Webmaster know the site's keywords in the Web page content layout is to follow the rules of search engine optimization, of course, long tail word optimization is also so. I found that many webmasters like to accumulate long tail words, take a page of an article, some webmaster in order to highlight long tail words, let it repeat in the article, one such serious impact on the user to read the article feeling, and the accumulation of long tail word behavior is easy to let search engine judgment for cheating behavior, is very easy to fall right, Even if this article is original, it will be because you said the accumulation of the long tail of the words affected, in the end did a useless work. A page appears long tail words should not too much, in addition, many webmaster like to put some long tail words are placed on the home page, while ignoring the importance of the pages, this will lead to long tail word ranking instability, suddenly high and low. This is the so-called "head weight light" This is the webmaster set long tail word often make a mistake, to solve this problem, the webmaster should know the content of their website first, according to the content to set the long tail words, the general words should be set up the home page of some of the core words, The long tail of the inner page and the inner content of the word should be strong, highlighting the theme of the word. Reasonable layout of long tail words is the basic condition to obtain the attention of search engine and steady flow.

Four: The Emperor is the truth

Our 1th reference to the "content of the king outside the chain for the Emperor" This view, it is true that the content of a Web site can be found to a large extent depends on our external chain. A site outside the chain more proof to go to the site of the more routes, and search engines will follow these outside the chain to your site, included in your site content. Do outside the chain of methods there are a lot of forums, blogs, soft Wen, information network and so on some platform can send out our chain. To let our long tail word to bring traffic to the site, then we can through the chain to improve our long tail word weight, so as to promote the ranking of long tail words to bring traffic to the site. Just contact the network when I outside the chain is simply that the site as long as you paste the website posted on the content on the line, however, slowly I found that such words outside the chain is indeed increased, but my long tail word ranking is still not before, after research, the original to want a long tail word to get rank must give him to do outside the chain, We can give the long tail word to do anchor cable, this effect is the best, but some sites and forums are not allowed to appear anchor, we can promote the site by adding their own long tail words, such words on the long tail of the weight of the word has a certain increase, weight up, ranking also came up, the flow will not go away.

Strengthening executive power is a guarantee

"Rome is not built in a day" site is not built in a day, to want a site to obtain a stable flow and income is to be accumulated through continuous accumulation, can be formed. And in this process, we will encounter all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, but please remember that on this road, the biggest enemy is ourselves. In terms of long tail, want to do long tail words to search engine home is not a difficult thing, it is difficult whether we insist every day to do, only to do it every day, long tail words have the first page of the day. "A day of fishing three days to bask in the net" is not successful, so whether it is in the construction of the station or in the long tail word, the webmaster should strengthen their executive power, do not let themselves easily give up, this is the success of a website guarantee.

The use of long tail words to improve the flow of the site for each webmaster is a good way, the above is I share some experience with you, I hope the webmaster have helped, what different opinions welcome everyone to discuss each other, writing is not good please forgive me. This article by the website ranking Optimization Original reprint please keep the link!

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