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China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. and Shenzhou Digital Group in Hangzhou, held a grand theme of "return" Digital & HP Blade Server Partners Summit. The Conference reviewed and summed up the history of HP and Shenzhou digital cooperation for nearly 20 years, and in the background of cloud computing and large data, the two sides in the blade server business will be how to build a new partner ecosystem, do a detailed interpretation.

2014, HP and Shenzhou Digital will continue to channel technical support, promote the transformation of partners, as well as the joint market expansion to increase investment, and strive to build a new channel pattern, and seek common development with channel partners. Hewlett-Packard Company headquarters Global Product division, Hewlett-Packard Global vice President Paul Durzan, digital China Group Vice President Ye Haiqiang and other high-level, with more than 200 partners from across the country attended the conference.

Return-China Digital & HP Blade Server Partners Summit packed

"Digital China and HP Blade servers have a very good history," said Paul Durzan, Hewlett-Packard Global product division and HP World Vice president. Today, HP Blade server business and digital China cooperation, is the real meaning of the powerful alliance. Believe that with this cooperation, in the cloud computing and large data and other industry trends in the background, the two sides will provide users and partners with more valuable products and services, and once again the HP Blade business to a new height! ”

"The power of one"-HP global product division, HP Global Vice President Paul Durzan keynote address

"The technology and application trends of cloud computing and large data are bringing new business opportunities to Chinese users, and it partners who can grasp this trend will benefit," said Ye Haiqiang, vice president of Shenzhou Digital. Shenzhou Digital has always been concerned about the business development of partners, and based on a strong financial platform, logistics platform, as well as human resources platform, promotion platform and other advantages, for manufacturers and partners to provide business support. Digital China is very aware of the development needs of partners, and has the ability to provide efficient sales support; HP is the leader in Blade server, with the world's leading blade technology and solutions; This is why digital China and HP Blade business cooperation in the programme and service market to promote partnership business development and transformation of the important foundation.

China Digital Group Vice President Ye Haiqiang cooperation Outlook

Shenzhou Digital to create a new support system

Digital China and HP have been cooperating for nearly 20 years. The two sides continue to strengthen cooperation around the blade server market, digital China will provide partners with Hewlett-Packard Infrastructure brand new core products and solutions, including HP BladeSystem Fusion Blade system, ISR management software, as well as virtual cloud computing system management platform.

HP & Shenzhou Digital Cooperation leadership group photo

It is reported that Shenzhou digital for the strengthening of the business support, has invested nearly 40 professional sales staff to provide sales support partners. At the same time, Shenzhou Digital has quickly set up a sales team "1+1" team of engineers to help partners to provide technical support.

Around products and solutions, digital China now and in the future, will continue to introduce a simplified solution to help partners to more easily sell products. In addition, Shenzhou Digital mature logistics and financial support will also provide partners with more close and efficient service.

It is reported that the digital China around HP Blade server business, but also set up a separate industry-oriented value-added support team. The team covers 13 platform cities, providing consulting, technical support and services to partners and users at three levels. It is reported that the pre-sale support, sales tools, business opportunities to share and other links, digital China has also been fully invested in resources.

Partners can independently sell HP's integrated Blade system, is also the digital focus of the channel business focus. This involves the digital China around the business to build a new training system. At present, Shenzhou Digital has designed 6 courses for HP Blade Server product line, including Blade family Introduction, overall advantage, solution, product competition, sales Guide and configuration guide, etc.

It is reported that the entire training system will be divided into two parts for sales staff and technicians, change the previous emphasis on technical training training ideas, and to enhance the independent sales capacity of partners.

HP channel strategy insists on "in China, for China"

Before 2.5, Hewlett-Packard, after a brief change, developed HP's five-year plan. Now the plan has been in steady and orderly execution for 2.5 of the time. During this period, Hewlett-Packard has always been determined to develop with its partners and strive for a mutual win.

"In China for China"--China Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd., vice president of China, general manager of the Channel Department of Wang Yishan keynote speech

"In the cloud computing and data age, Hewlett-Packard has always adhered to the strategy of the cloud computing era and built a partnership ecosystem under cloud computing," said Wang Yishan, general manager of the Channel Division, vice president of China HP Co., Ltd. HP is not only looking to establish a business relationship with its partners, but also to support HP partners in the development of cloud computing and the big Data age through effective channel empowerment, and ultimately to win total success. ”

He said HP has been sticking to the belief that China's HP is "in China, for China". HP's mission is to serve Chinese users with internationally advanced and innovative IT technologies. Therefore, China's HP in the current and future market environment, will further consolidate its own market position, and with its innovative advantages for the Chinese user Service.

It is reported that the current market 80% of enterprises are using HP's server products. HP has maintained the first in the server market for 71 consecutive quarters. Blade servers have sold more than 40000000 units worldwide. Wang Yishan that these basic data have shown from a point of view the HP Partner's business status and prospects.

Around the HP channel ecosystem, Wang Yishan said HP's new channel strategy has apparently become more open. Lower barriers to cooperation will attract more channel partners, such as channel portal Unison open to all new channels. At the same time, the channel partner rating will continue the "Platinum, Gold and silver" certification system, in cooperation funds, business plans and business opportunities, the certification level will also receive different support.

HP's efforts to strengthen channel cooperation, the unified channel management platform Unison is one of the important tools, it will help channel partners more easily contact HP Four product group product line. At the same time, channel partners have access to new tools and support to simplify, collaborate, and end-to-end collaborative approaches. Through this portal, channel partners can access and interact with all online services, including joint business planning, simplified project preparation and RFQ, Market Development fund management, potential customer and sales opportunity management, and clearer partner rewards.

"Joint Casting Knife China"--Digital & HP Blade Server Partner Summit Interactive Forum

HP blends infrastructure to create perfect blade system

With the advance of technology, the server has become more and more efficient, but at the same time there are many islands, including information islands and fault islands. The most effective way to solve these problems is the integration of HP. It can optimize the operation process and improve the operation efficiency. Once a user starts creating a server system, it can be managed in a converged style. This means that users will become less involved in it and the costs will be lower, while users will be able to operate more efficiently to gain IT resources. This is the value that fusion can bring to the user.

HP's BladeSystem Blade system is the representative of this fusion force. In the current and future HP Blade Server family, all blade servers follow three major principles.

The first is integration. HP integrates all computing, networked storage and virtualization on the same platform;

The second is union. It means that multiple blade chassis can be managed and run as a single chassis, and that the tools can easily transfer the workload from any location to another server without affecting the operation of other servers. The advantages of this federated architecture are obvious-a secure architecture ensures that failures do not spread and ultimately affect overall efficiency. In a pyramid-style architecture, multiple enclosures rely on a single control point, and can only perform overall load migration to multiple enclosures.

The third is automation, which contains two levels of meaning: first, the data center can achieve the overall automation operation; Secondly, when the fault occurs, the system can realize the automatic transfer of the workload and avoid downtime.

Under such an excellent HP BladeSystem Fusion Blade system, HP's converged infrastructure--the most important component of the fusion system--creates value for users at three levels.

The first part is the foundation of the integration infrastructure, where the fans and power centers are placed, reducing the number of fans and power supplies. This approach reduces the amount of money invested by users, while also dramatically reducing the risk of failure. In this way, customers can make ends meet with just 6 hp blade servers.

The second part is HP's innovative virtual connection. It reduces the number of cables and reduces the complexity of storage while reducing cost input and increasing efficiency for users.

Over the past year or so, HP has been committed to innovation in Blade server systems. Now, this effort has created value on the client side, which includes better memory cards, 40GB Ethernet, and 40GB virtual connections.

Rack servers are widely used on the client side, but not to say that rack servers are the best choice for all applications for all users. Some figures can support this view:

For example, a customer needs to install 38 servers, assuming that each server requires two management cables, 38 servers will require 76 management cables and ports. If you are creating a connection to a server, you may need a total of 152 cables and slots. And if the customer is using the HP BladeSystem Fusion Blade System, he only needs 6 management cables and slots, combined with only 23 network cables and slots. In the meantime, the difference between infrastructure and network costs is obvious.

The third section is related to virtualization and infrastructure management. Only the virtual and infrastructure management of the blade system can truly achieve HP's converged Blade server--HP's OneView.

OneView, the management software that manages the entire integrated blade system, is the industry's first infrastructure management platform for HP's converged infrastructure and design-inspired consumer-level IT products. The platform simplifies the most basic steps of supporting all of the data center's processes, and enables it to significantly improve operations while reducing costs and reducing human errors that cause downtime. It realizes the internal virtual management, can realize the operation and management of multiple virtual servers in one point, and can also realize the single point of troubleshooting.

OneView uses leading software technologies to provide a single management platform to enhance collaboration and communication across the data center IT department. It has an intuitive user interface and simplifies the automated intelligent nature of everyday tasks, and can improve the productivity of IT administrators. Shrink the most common data center processes, including deployment, upgrades, migrations, and troubleshooting, from hours or days to minutes.

The advantages of this management system in terms of efficiency are very obvious. For example, to configure a management program on 16 servers, traditional tools require 2 hours and 50 minutes of management time, and HP OneView only takes 14 minutes. Recycling virtual local Area network, traditional tools require 480 steps, more than two hours, while using HP OneView only four steps, 30 seconds of management time.

An HP user had previously needed to modify his call system quickly, and if the old method was used, it would take 66 days for the user to rebuild all 12 data center sites, and the customer's business needs were not fully realized, and since the user used HP's Fusion blade system and HP OneView software system, The final realization of the transformation incredibly took only a day.

(Responsible editor: Mengyishan)

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