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With the great promotion and development of Taobao Alliance, Taobao guests naturally everywhere, many of them are because of the helpless policy to the owners of Amoy, of course, many novice friends, and even some friends just contact the network to see some of the old bird to make a monthly full bowl is full of joy: determined to plunge into the Amoy guests ... Ibuy website Long also from one of them, a novice from the net ignorant to learn to modify others program, do garbage station, to today's Taobao guest, every attempt can let me benefit, this is not only the RMB, more importantly intangible assets-self-study of the network knowledge and experience. This period of time to do Amoy is also a lot of experience, although the Internet a lot about Taobao guest good tutorials and experience, today is still a thick skin and novice friends to share their own Amoy station some experience it.

Find a way to suit your own

At present, Taobao guest platform, there are many ways to promote, such as: single product promotion, whole shop promotion, group promotion, category promotion, API methods, search box promotion, Taobao channel promotion, Taobao theme promotion and so on. We adopt what kind of promotion means our promotion method's emphasis is different, for example single promotion focus on the link of the sky fly, because the quantitative change will one day change. and Web site API promotion, focusing on the site's construction and promotion, how to improve conversion rate. I have done before the garbage station, familiar with the site, so try to apply the API made Web site (ibuy Amoy Network) to struggle. Your friends can choose their own way according to their own situation, which is related to your income, so you have to think twice! To help you identify your promotional model, I would like to share with you my Views:

Single Product Promotion: single product promotion will have a good commission, select a number of seasonal products to do a single product promotion, to find the consumer groups, traffic large points of the station Commission considerable. Because this kind of promotion has the very strong pertinence and the timeliness, especially the female friends, slightly one impulse, the money spends out, hehe ... But the disadvantage is often to be subject to the dispensers of goods, so I think if you can not solve the product of the next shelf problem or consider the other bar.

Theme promotion: This kind of promotion way also has certain very strong pertinence and the timeliness, same with single promotion, I thought the small flow website or the blog, the Visitor group not single website, may consider this way less.

Group promotion, Taobao Channel promotion, the whole shop promotion, category promotion: This way of promoting lazy people like, because the workload is small, easy to operate, for smaller sites, can be the focus of the way, but the disadvantage is: Get the Commission is not high.

Search box promotion, API way: This is my current main use, personally feel is also the key development of the future promotion methods. To give visitors more room to operate, you can come to my station to see, like a small Taobao, so to improve the turnover rate is very good. Even if you can't find what you like in a column, there are other columns that can't be returned empty-handed, hehe ...

Second, to determine their own products to promote

Good merchandise can help sell buy both sides more quickly to reach a deal, can also let our gold rush rise, so the election of good goods important, according to the experience of predecessors and personal experience, can be considered from the following items:

1, choose their familiar products. Familiar with their products will generally understand their consumer groups, usually their own attention to the relevant information, and then put their attention to the commodity information or experience and consumer groups to share, and then in the inside to recommend products to them, so that there is the promotion of bone meat turnover is relatively high!

2, the choice of relatively high Commission, promote the high volume of goods, this is nothing to say, earth people know that everything is done for the RMB, you should pay attention to, do not blindly pursue high commission, to understand the needs of consumers, but also pay attention to the quality of goods and the quality of service and evaluation of shopkeepers, because this is a large degree of turnover rate.

3, choose the most popular recently, the best selling products

This can be based on the statistics Taobao list and then look at Taobao customers sell the list of the choice to determine the choice of goods, because the list of almost all recently more popular and hot products, it is worth reference.

Third, choose their own promotional programs

Now on the Internet to introduce a lot of ways to promote, such as to the major forum post, build blog, mass mail, q mass information, soft and so on, a variety of methods, all use or focus on a certain aspect?? We can according to the actual situation recount, because I am the API to build stations, many visitors from the search, so focus on the site optimization and ranking, site optimization to determine the keyword is also critical, because a keyword has a good ranking words can bring you a lot of traffic. With the current hot Amoy customers to promote the program:

First, question and answer promotion, mainly to the major question and answer system website such as Sina Love to ask, Yahoo Knowledge Hall, Tianya question and answer, Baidu know, Tencent asked questions or answers, and then add their own advertising information, but should pay attention to targeted and practical.

Second, SNS community promotion is mainly to add friends after registration, accumulation of contacts, and then distribution of articles to share, in the article inserted advertising information, the current relatively hot community has happy net, network, domestic nets, laggards, Sina, Tianya, Mop, Baidu, West Shrine Alley, Sohu, NetEase, Donews and so on. SNS has been very hot since last year, so might as well try.

Third, the post promotion this is the more traditional way, to the content-related forum post, can not be too insolent, after all, you are advertising, do not let the administrator disgusted, so that your post on the longevity point, hehe.

Four, the classification website promotion this and the posting promotion is similar, the attention avoids being managed deletes on the line

V. Blog promotion to the major blog portal to register a blog, blog name: By your site name and Web site composition or your keywords. Clear your keywords and add wonderful articles to insert hyperlinks and advertising messages to your site. Continuous updates, a large number of clicks, the search is also included more natural, the weight of the search engine will be gradually increased. Your site rankings will naturally follow.

Six, mass promotion mainly speaking QQ,QQ mass including Q Group Mass and bulk Mail, q Group mass premise or to add group, will each QQ number added to can not add, and then in the future when the promotion of artificial mass. But still should pay attention, do not send the rubbish post, may send some enticement content. Induce people in the group to click on your link. Mail mass also pay attention not to send garbage posts, preferably some readability more strong sharing experience ah what ...

Seven, weak text to promote a good soft text inserted in your link and the source of the article, plus the online reprint, to increase the site backlinks and search engine results best. You can also improve the attention of your site, which is now more effective one of the methods.

Iv. persisting

Found their own set of methods to stick to it, perhaps short-term effect is not obvious, but don't be discouraged, stick to it, a point of harvest.

Above is my predecessors in accordance with the recommendations and their own Taobao in the process of doing some superficial experience and everyone to share, write is not good, please do not take it amiss, after all, I am only rookie level, hehe. In order to and more Amoy customers to exchange, the special built a Q group 56913745, sincerely welcome you Amoy guests to join!

Good writing needs collection, reading enriches life. If you think this article is good, please reprint collection to the next reading, reprinted annotated article source A5 my website: ibuy Amoy network http://ibuy.h5566.cn/Thank you

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