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iCloud technical details are still under the protection of NDA. But everyone's curiosity can not wait until NDA fails again. This article is based on the iCloud guess writing, fly or not, waiting time test.

Fan and Jane

Find a laptop, start ...

Open the browser, uh, use Safari, Chrome, IE or Firefox today?

Enter Twiter.com, ah, no, Twitter.com.

Watch the page load the beacon of a hair sth

Finally can enter! I want to say what to here?

If you use iPad? The above steps become: pick up the iPad light. Open the App. enter!


Twitter is also supporting both of these approaches at the same time, after which the entrepreneurs are even more vulnerable.

Path directly abandoned the browser. In addition there are Flipboard, Colors ... ... It is foreseeable that this list will be longer and longer.

This section of the slide itself, you can reflect the concise beauty of this program. Users benefit more from mobile devices, experience more than features, App easier to make a good experience. Moreover, web services are completely hidden behind the App. Path.com or Paht.com? No longer need to care.


What is App?

Apple gave us the best explanation with an ad: "There's An App For That".

App is not the difference between hardware and software (MS likes the word "software"), the nature of the App, is the solution to be used when the occasion.

Today, the way of thinking of using web services to solve problems has infiltrated our blood. In a room, I will not use a card reader to copy files to my friends. I'll upload to Google Doc and share it with him.

Path is the case. The iPhone, the Path App and the web services behind it are one. Lacking anyone can not come up with this solution when we want to "share a photo." For Path, how technically layered should not be exposed to users. It is the key to integrate the possible technologies and better solve the real problems for users.

At this time, the sum of hardware, software and cloud services is actually Path App. (Yes, but also hardware, Path's experience is limited to iPhone's screen and iPhone's camera)


Apple is a software and hardware integration expert. The soft, hard and cloud integration advantages, he should not be ignored.

However, Apple once again Think different: he did not do a PaaS, but provides a relatively simple cloud storage service. However, just a simple cloud storage, but also of great significance: iPhone, iPad, Mac these Apple devices get through. iOS and MacOS can also be connected by iCloud.

And, from the developer's perspective, iCloud is a very natural evolution. iOS Applications directory, each App has its own folder to store private data. Suppose iBooks will put the downloaded book in it. The question is: how do you buy a iPad? IPad Applications / iBooks directory does not have this book.

Google may write a web service, put books in, give each one an account, save the progress. And iCloud is a natural extension of the iOS private folder: find a web server, in the above App to save private data.

App in the iOS App, save some data as long as a single line of code:

[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] setObject: obj forKey: @ "userInput"];

Since iCloud is a cloud-based folder for App services, the App uploads something to iCloud, which may be a single line of code. For iOS developers, this is a very natural way to use cloud services. (PaaS server-side language and framework will have to start from scratch.)

New cloud development framework

iCloud alone is a cloud storage service. However, by combining Apple's hardware (iPhone, iPad, Mac) + Apple's software (iOS, Mac OS) + iCloud, you'll find he is overturning today's popular browser development framework.

The new way can also be across both iOS and MacOS platforms. And, develop faster, easier, and experience better.

Browser application?

However, browser-based applications are also evolving rapidly. Ajax, data, logic and UI began to transfer to the client. HTML5 further enhances browser capabilities. Compare the browser application and iCloud App, the difference between the two is not much. Later, I am afraid will be more and more like.

And, at the moment, iCloud seems to lack server-side logic (language and database). He can solve the data exchange between different Apple devices, but not likely to easily associate with a large number of Apple users. Like Twiiter a large number of users associated with the data between the services, iCloud difficult to get it.


Today, Safari has been able to get iPhone's GPS and gravity sensor data. On the other hand, UI is also widely used in App. Perhaps soon, the difference between web apps and apps is no longer what ordinary users can tell.

In fact, the browser application, but also: the solution to be used in the scene only. Apple saw it earlier than you and me. Evidence? Is the long-awaited Add to Home Screen.

Last words

So it seems there are two things that will slowly disappear from the foreground: the URL and the browser itself.

Regardless of how the technology changes, the solution from the user does not die.

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