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Any Internet enterprise operation at the beginning, the first thing is the server rental and hosting business, how to find suitable for the enterprise's own business development needs, while minimizing the enterprise IT operations and input costs of the server, This is a lot of IT company technical managers are concerned about the topic is also engaged in internet workers necessary technology; Usually we divide the server into tower, rack and blade three types, because of their various performance configuration and so on in many different reuse process will reflect the difference between the pros and cons, How to choose a server that is conducive to the long-term and stable operation of the enterprise needs the enterprise according to its own business needs and the future development trend decision, at the same time more understanding of various types of server knowledge is also necessary. Next, the Nine River Network takes you into the blade server world, fully interprets blade server in the enterprise operation process plays a huge role.

What is a blade server

Usually we see the blade server, actually refers to the knife in the box to insert a plurality of card server units, and each card server is essentially a system motherboard, in operation by the "onboard" hard disk to start their own operating system, so the equivalent of a separate server. In this mode of work, in addition to the services specified by the different user groups and not affect, but also further realize the server itself high availability, high-density and strong scalability of many aspects of performance.


Second, why the blade server become the pro-lai choice of small and medium-sized enterprises

With the rapid development of the Internet in various industries, many enterprises have been expanding the business, various types of platform applications are increasing, the original single server can meet the needs of business operations at this time has been overwhelmed frequently problems, enterprises have to consider the purchase of new servers to meet business development needs, But other problems have arisen: The server room space is insufficient, the management manpower cost, the energy consumption is big and so on; Faced with these problems, enterprises in addition to the adoption of multi-core server integration, server virtualization measures, Blade server is the perfect solution.

Compared with the traditional rack and tower server, Blade server has the following significant advantages, but also because of these advantages, Blade server become a pro-lai choice for SMEs.

1, Blade server high-density integration performance strong

The most obvious feature of Blade server is high-density integration, from the internal structure of the server to the wiring and storage are simplified, thereby reducing the use of limited room space, such as: the normal 8-piece 2U rack server height is 16U, and 8 blade server height of 5U; Blade server to save room space at the same time reduce the server hosting costs, to know the room space such as gold.

2. Save energy and Power

Blade server in the energy saving more prominent, through the relevant data investigation and analysis, we found that the ordinary knife box 8 blade server power of 4050W, and a single rack-type server power 1100w,8 is 8800W, Blade server is twice times, This shows that blade server energy saving more powerful.

3, server Deployment management more convenient

As the knife box can be inserted at the same time a number of blade servers and do not affect each other, when the system is running normally, the administrator can pull out or insert the server blade, the system can also be easily replaced, which means that the user can be all the blade server deployment and management; In addition, the blade itself already contains the switch module and independent management module, there is no need to set more KVM to manage, and more than one tower server needs more manpower to spend time to manage maintenance, enterprises need to spend more running management costs.

4, the server can expand strong

As mentioned above, with the increase in enterprise multi-platform applications, need to add a new server to meet the operational requirements, at this point, the blade server has a strong expansion of the advantages of the embodiment of the customer can be based on their own business needs to buy blade server inserted into the knife box can be used, visible blade server expansion of strong, In addition, the server cluster can be used to improve the overall performance, and its unified management and integration of the use of more simple and convenient.

How to choose suitable blade server for SMEs

After understanding some of the characteristics of the blade server, there may be many enterprises do not know how to choose the appropriate business operation of the blade server, where the nine River Network tells you, in fact, the choice of Blade server does not need to look at the size of the enterprise, but should be from the enterprise IT infrastructure and business development If the enterprise needs only one server to meet the business requirements, then there is no need to choose Blade Server, because the blade server market price is more expensive, there is the possibility of waste of resources; If the enterprise needs to buy multiple servers, can choose Blade Server is very reasonable, The management convenience also saves the capital manpower the input cost. About Blade Server-related knowledge This article will explain to here, I hope to choose Blade Server Help, later will have more information on the server technology to share with you, together please look forward to it!

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