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This domain name was changed three times before and after one months change. The first time is the novel station, the second real estate network, the third forum. If this site can be said to be a practical example, then solve the first one months of free to test the site some of the questions:

Why is the website not included?

Why can't I keep a snapshot?

Why aren't search engines coming?

How fast does the search engine attract?

Why is my ranking three months or 100?

All the above questions can be answered in this way. If you haven't found the reason now, please take a serious look at how it is done. Line look at a few pictures:


One from hundreds to 13, the first day search volume in 70 people.


No chain of friendship


The day of the second included


Second included time contrast

Initial selection of key words in Construction station

The first month to do the novel program time, engaged in more than 10,000 reverse chain, one day included more than 5 million, too crazy, so delete the program.

The second month immediately changed a real estate portal program, included also can. Because the data is too much, adding that program is beyond my ability (more columns), and said Digress.

The third month is because Zhang Shenrong to the forum is not proficient, install a DZ7.2 play, then I did not immediately partition, but to check Baidu index. The words there are no search, the amount of search is how much. There is a forum name "unreliable" This forum name (from all day change things very outrageous) add a keyword full layout in the partition. The keyword in the description is certainly not less.

Initial content update of station

Find that? Then linked to the Baidu Cloud list does not have search wind? So many people search, why don't I go and get some of his content? Can you ask? Are you updating your article? Of course, other I also collected one weeks, the east to pick up a little bit west, collected very good. But I still know that the risk of acquisition is stopped, not updated one or two days. The third day all the content is my own hand hair, let me find a problem, the content that all sends Baidu contains, is a second included. This is my biggest harvest. Some of the other gossip is of course collected. Perhaps you would say that the original is collected back, too bad technology. But Zhang Shenrong don't think so, let me understand a original reason.

The most realistic example: A5 Webmaster Network is not the best example? The article went up to others that day on the collection, there are collection. Why collect? Can't the search engine not know? The same truth, I put "unreliable" forum copy he also went to find Baidu included news, is the same principle. is also included in the day. Produce a very big idea, if the use of not to the site? Those sites are not included is not also to give the search engine Gaga main blood? (Solemn note: This is only Zhang Shenrong personally think, can't all believe me Oh, if the search engine is not happy to you k also not necessarily)

Stability ranking is the key

Other I forum did not do a friendship, and later pulled a, not the same kind of friendship, ranking back to the file. (advertising as long as a snapshot of the forum is the latest can find Zhang Shenrong to do friendship), this is also the first webmaster must do one thing. Today said these are not bragging about what, but tell everyone all the truth (Zhang Shenrong think): Do it attentively, do products to make him as a wife treat. There is no theory, only the result. Allow trial and error, but do not mistake the same question two times. Tonight is here, late at night, Bo friends pay attention to the body oh. That's our old book.


Do you think this Zhang Shenrong writing is bad?

What do you think can help you with my blog?

What should be improved?

Is the update slow?

Bo friend Big but say come, nothing, all accept. Answer value 1000 encourage will, free in my blog promotion once.

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