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Now the site, the real original design of the few, are I copied you, you copied me, and then their own changes, this may be related to China's national conditions! Plagiarism site is known as The Imitation Station, now there are many imitation station webmaster, many people will only stint, began to take orders to do the site, Do not know to the end of the customer want to achieve the effect of serious impact on the credibility of the site order! This is also our website construction is not ashamed! Above all is the digression, below I do the simple summary, at least I do, I welcome you to point out more knowledge points.

Imitation Station prerequisite Knowledge One: HTML source code

This needless to say, each page is composed of source code, through HTTP embodies the rich and colorful pages; HTML (Hyper text mark-up Language) is the Hypertext Markup language or hyper-text link marking language, is the most widely used language on the network, and it is the main language that forms the Web document. HTML text is a descriptive text consisting of HTML commands that can describe text, graphics, animations, sounds, tables, links, and so on. The structure of HTML consists of a head, a body, two parts of the head, which describes the information required by the browser, and the body contains the specific content to be described.

As for the more detailed content of the proposal or special study, here as long as the understanding of the code, understand the meaning of these codes!

The prerequisite knowledge of imitation Station two: div

This is also as a qualified webmaster or imitation station must be, now almost all the website format is made by Div, we casually look for code to see the source code to know is not composed of div;

Div are generally called external CSS files, and more than one CSS file, everyone in the head tag can be viewed;

Div is one of the common terms in website standard (or "Web Standard"), Div is a kind of layout method of Web page, this kind of Web page layout method is different from the traditional HTML Web page Design language table (table) positioning way, can realize the page content and performance phase separation.

css-Cascading style sheet (cascading style Sheets), used to define the display of HTML elements, is the standard technology for the formatted Web page content introduced by the consortium. One of the techniques that Web designers must master.

The essential knowledge of imitation station three: familiar with the structure of website system

Customers want to do a website, of course, to facilitate management, this is not to have a system to manage, a simple and powerful system is indispensable, here, I recommend that you use the Dream (DEDECMS) system, because this system for the imitation station is relatively simple, and the function is also very powerful, you can clone any Web site, Of course, like a special large shopping station, navigation stations do not use this system, because it is not cost-effective, hehe!

You want to use this system imitation station, in fact, is the process of making template, the first thing you need to know about this system is clear enough, the call tag to the system to understand enough detail, of course, we do not have to memorize the labels, such as your memory is good, it is certainly best to write it, generally we prepare it on the table, To imitate the station to look up on the line, but like some commonly used tags are also remembered; here I also put my usual imitation station used in the label recommended out, too much, bad are written in this article.

Essential knowledge of Imitation station four: SEO implementation and understanding

Customers do a website, of course, but also to do SEO site optimization, even if the customer did not say, but in the future use of the site process, such as found that you do the site code chaos, have redundant code or JS files, and other optimization issues, I think this customer may find you again, this is what we do not want, all, The understanding of SEO is also necessary, at least to ensure that you do not have redundant code and JS files, the format is correct, there are keywords (keywords), description (description), etc., so that even do not do a dedicated SEO can guarantee the good operation of the site!

The essential knowledge of imitation Station five: JS application and simple modification

In the process of imitation station, some functions, may not imitation, at this time we will find another similar JS to replace, will look at the source code, which is used from the HTML, other JS files, ASP files, PHP files, can be opened with Notepad, we carefully study, Must be able to get some of your unexpected knowledge, this knowledge, you apply to your site, it is done.

The essential knowledge of imitation station six: good psychological quality; careful + patient

In fact, it is a difficult process to imitate a station think of so many code, we analyze the next one, and add the system tag, but also to do multiple browser debugging, have to say quite cumbersome; this good mentality is quite necessary, carelessly, make the page will be dislocation, or incompatible, or call not come out, The reason for this may be just a punctuation mark that may be caused by a small error in the space; in the imitation station process, you have to concentrate on, such as you are looking at a large piece of code, or must think of something else, or someone to disturb you, you are looking at the understanding, but this interruption of your optimistic about the code upset, It's a waste of time to start analyzing and sorting again!

The essential knowledge of imitation Station seven: Learning Application of assistive tool software

Now with the computer-related things can not be separated from tools and software, all, learn the relevant web site building software is also necessary, such as dreamweaver,uedit32,photoshop, and so on, but also to find ways to go with the site system-related auxiliary tools or software, so as to be more effective;

Unconsciously, write this article has been one hours, time passed really fast, this is first written here, I believe, you know and learn the above mentioned knowledge, you will be the same as me, become a imitation station master, come on!

The above information, by "Peace Webmaster Network" first original: reprint please specify the source!

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