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Through the network, newspapers and so I contacted the "Amoy customers" this industry, in fact, this can not be regarded as an industry, just through the "> Ali mother launched a network advertising promotion model ! The site is now operating for one months, which inevitably also has a hard time. The first time to hear the "Amoy" this strange word, filled with curiosity, gradually like, began and did not think of making money, just their own a long-term hobby and the construction of this site. When starting to do the station to check the information, do the planning, at the same time this domain name also after their own repeated thinking before applying, began to want to name "Amoy I Love You", then 211.html "> feel that the site should have greater development, Should use a decent name, which is named "Amoy China."

In order to save costs, I only bought 100M host space, in fact, this space hung 3 standing inside, has been seriously overloaded to collapse, hehe! The website has been built up, began to show the promotion of the main products, began to launch the website ads, through Ali Mother's ads, and soon there will be advertisers advertising in the site , to see their own income, although only a few cents, but the heart is still very happy, because I see the site will not appear everywhere "advertising investment" of the words, at least there are many people pay attention to the site.

After the site statistics to see most of the users are not the product search to visit the site, but often through Amoy tips and other series of articles came to the site, so I think the site has become a revision of the inevitable, this site in the introduction of half a month after the implementation of the site's revision, and purchased a separate Added Amoy tips and other related articles, the main layout of the home or Amoy merchandise display, and the site adhere to the daily update.

Every day I am concerned about the flow of my site and Amoy customers to promote the revenue, see the income details are still 0.00 yuan, disappointed but still did not give up, this morning as usual to check my income, is yesterday (September 1) website promotion of the merchandise successfully won the first commission record, in the heart of that joy not to mention! I now in mind, or to insist on the site to carry out the heart, no matter how dangerous.

The current site traffic is not high, but my confidence is doubled!

Amoy China ( Welcome to visit, Welcome to Amoy Guest Skills Exchange!

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