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"Tenkine Server channel May 19 News" In the cloud computing trend, the Internet industry has become a powerful driving force in the server market. According to 2013 sales year-on-year growth of 48%, accounting for the market total of 32% of the trend of development, the Internet industry in the high-speed growth, but also leading the change in the data center, server deployment mode changes. And the server market is also adapting to this change, server manufacturers have launched a custom-oriented server products for the Internet industry.

Speaking of customization, the OCP project (Open Compute Project) is the Internet industry's most focused development trend, the open source hardware program for Facebook in 2011, including the data center and server components, The aim of this paper is to develop technical standards for efficient and energy-saving computer development in the Internet industry and to promote technology sharing among members, which is the main category of future Internet operators ' purchasing.

China's Internet manufacturers not to be outdone, by Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, China Telecom and other joint launch--2012 Scorpio project group set up, marking the beginning of the transformation of the Machine cabinet server localization, aiming to develop a set of next-generation Internet server solutions.

Wave Smartrack Machine Cabinet server is for Scorpio project demand and launched. Wave cabinet-Type integrated server Smartrack, broke the traditional server form, launched a centralized power supply, centralized cooling, the whole cabinet delivery of new products. The current wave in the rack market share has exceeded 50%. The distribution of the server standard of the Scorpio machine cabinet provides the standard for the domestic landing of the whole cabinet server. At present, the Scorpio server standard has been developed to 2.0 version. Wave Smart Rack Machine cabinet server has been developed to the fourth generation products, fully meet the Scorpio standard.

Scorpio project on the server products have high-density, low-cost, energy-saving, rapid deployment, high integration characteristics of the requirements, and wave smartrack products fully fit. Machine Cabinet Server Smart Rack is a kind of innovative form of server, breaking the traditional server design idea, with standard rack as the design unit, the traditional server cooling and power supply module, Management module centralized for the unified power supply, fan wall and management module.

Wave Group Internet Industry Department product director Bo said the entire smart rack design architecture and OCP are very different, and embodies the wave of innovative ideas: in the innovation of customized products from 1.0 of the entire data center heat dissipation scheme, to the whole cabinet fan design, and even from the vertical design to the horizontal plug design.

Wang Hongli, vice president of the Wave group, said the Internet industry was second only to the government market in the wave server business, but the current rate of growth is perhaps the largest segment of the wave server. For the industry customization needs, Wang Hongli said that in addition to Internet enterprises, including finance, telecommunications and many traditional industry giants also have a certain application of the Machine cabinet server interest and practice in related business.

Wang Hongli said the wave will continue to customize the strategy, but also to further deepen, hope that in the future in the container-type data center, high-density servers to let the tide into the international market.

In fact, not only the wave of attention to the Internet industry on the impact of the server market, Lenovo Group also maintained the Internet industry observation. In 2013, Lenovo announced its key strategy in the IPDC (Internet Data Center) industry. Lenovo Group vice president, China's major customer division general manager Dongfuyau said, data center, cloud computing Technology and the new Internet model, is becoming the core competitiveness of Internet enterprises. Lenovo always pay attention to the industry trend changes, careful layout, set up a IPDC industry sector, configuration of the industry's largest and most perfect dedicated service team, grasp the data center pain point, Integrated industry advanced technology, from consulting, deployment, management and operation of the four links, for the IPDC industry users to provide high-quality, On-demand Internet Data center and cloud Computing Center to build end-to-end solutions.

It is understood that Lenovo 2013 in the IPDC industry market accounted for 15%, the annual cloak growth of 275%, is the Internet industry server manufacturers of the top three. Dongfuyau said that the company will IPDC industry as the focus of enterprise-level products vertical industry, because with the development of the mobile Internet industry, the new technology, business and data center of the relationship between the more and more high, massive data processing needs, the Internet industry is facing a new data storage and transmission mode. The survey shows that in the past few years China's server market segment growth rate, the entire Internet industry market growth fastest. At present, the IPDC industry has become one of the largest market segments in China's server market.

For the IPDC industry, Lenovo launched a range of products and solutions, including Thinkserver family cabinets high-density server DC5000, high-density server SD330, SS430, Storage server RD430, rd430x, And Lenovo for the IPDC industry customer demand characteristics optimized Thinkserver general-purpose server products, SmartGrid Intelligent Power Monitoring management program.

Among them, DC5000 the use of ultra-high density server design technology, the 44U cabinet loaded 80 compute nodes to compute the density, the data Center Standard server computing density increased by one times, effectively save space. DC5000 Cabinet Server 80 nodes share a set of power supply cooling module, greatly reduce the energy loss of unit node, greatly improve product energy efficiency; SD330 is a cost-effective, energy efficiency ratio of high-density 2U 4-node server; SS430 is a hyper-high-density server for Internet Web Access applications; rd430x is an enterprise-class storage optimization server tailored for the IPDC industry, which supports flexible configuration of the 12+2 hard disk, enabling the separation of operating system and data storage.

In fact, not only domestic manufacturers in the Internet industry to focus on custom servers, international manufacturers are also trying to customize the server. HP and Foxconn recently announced the signing of a joint venture agreement to jointly design servers optimized for cloud computing, which are produced, promoted and marketed by the company and supported by HP. These servers will initially use the HP brand and the first products will be released later this year.

Two companies want to use their respective director, Foxconn's large-scale production capacity and HP's understanding of computing equipment, the development of new series of server products, mainly for large internet providers such as Google. These large Internet service providers have a growing demand for servers, but they typically require low-cost servers, and branded server products are not designed for their needs.

There are signs that the Internet industry is becoming the focus of contention among traditional server vendors. In particular, the development of cloud computing, large-scale data center construction let Internet providers pay attention to cost problems, and traditional brand server because of high cost is not suitable for mass installation to cloud computing data center. So the internet provider began to switch to the design and ODM in the way of server deployment, the result is a large number of white server manufacturers orders increased and brand server manufacturers of products appear unsalable.

With the development of new technology trends such as cloud computing mobile interconnection, the construction of data center will usher in a climax. And the server demand is also huge, server manufacturers need to think how to seize the industry opportunities.

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