JQuery 1.6.2 RC 1 releases an excellent JavaScript framework

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JQuery is a http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/33906.html ">javascript library." JQuery greatly simplifies JavaScript programming. It helps simplify JavaScript™ and asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) programming. Unlike a JavaScript library like this, JQuery has a unique rationale for succinctly representing common complex code. Learn the basics of JQuery, explore its features and capabilities, perform some common Ajax tasks, and master how to extend JQuery with Plug-ins.

JQuery was created by John Resig in early 2006 and is a useful JavaScript library for any programmer using JavaScript code. Whether you're just in touch with the JavaScript language, and want to get a library that solves some of the complex problems in the Document Object Model (model,dom) script and Ajax development, or as a tired DOM script and Ajax JQuery will be your first choice as a veteran JavaScript expert in the tedious repetitive work of development.

JQuery helps you keep your code simple and readable. You no longer have to write large stacks of repetitive loops and DOM script library calls. With JQuery, you can grasp the main points of the problem and implement the functionality you want with the least amount of code possible.

There is no doubt that the principle of jQuery is unique: Its purpose is to ensure that the code is concise and reusable. Once you understand this principle, you can start learning this tutorial and see how much jQuery has improved our programming style.

JQuery 1.6.2 RC 1 Release Notes:


#9286: Using Live Submit on Forms #9298: $ (elem). attr (eventName) isn't sharable properly in IE7 #9329: attr ("title") issue in IE7 # 9362:. attr ("value") does not work for meter elements #9468: $ (' form '). attr (' class ') synch return undefined in IE 6 #9499: Removeclass would only remove the ' the ' a class


#9301: Setting data () via an object with hyphenated keys create inaccessible data. #9368: Jquery.camelcase () tabbed in css.js, but used-widely #9471: memory leak noticed when loading jquey.1.6.1.min.js Included HTML pages in the IFRAME


#7557: Outerwidth () #9237:. CSS () doesn't ' t work with relative values on hyphenated properties


#9300: Outerwidth (True) issue


#9220: Animation callbacks fire after the next queue function executes.


#9285: Custom Trigger


#8950: (Chrome, Firefox) Second argument (event empty) in JQuery throws error while creating <input> #9370: Compatibility Issue with JQuery 1.6 and IE6


#9239: Version 1.6.0 breaks the background behavior on BODY element #9440: v1.6.1 messes down layout in IE8

Download Address: Http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.6.2rc1.js

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