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Author: Liu Qilin "Little black to small red?" -local time January 7, CES (International Consumer Electronics Exhibition) opened in the United States Las Vegas, Lenovo to announce the launch of the mobile Internet program, the introduction of smart phones, smart book, attracted attention. However, all this is immediately by the ThinkPad "Little Red" snatched the limelight, since the 1992 ThinkPad, people are too accustomed to its classic black, for this suddenly as the spring breeze, "China Red", the feeling is: stunning.  This change is bright compared with the lackluster situation last year at CES.  Subversion of the ThinkPad after a few days, Lenovo China's commercial division in Beijing held the ThinkPad Edge and X100 's conference, the two at CES exhibition attracted a lot of eyeballs of the new products officially unveiled in the Chinese market. "In fact, we are relatively conservative in the evolution of the ThinkPad, we did not let the ThinkPad become colorful, but from the classic red start." Speaking of this "subversion" of ThinkPad, Lenovo Group China Business Division marketing director Wang Dong said in an interview, "We found in the global survey, if the second color to the ThinkPad, Red is the highest ticket color, this is one of the classic ThinkPad." "After the ThinkPad belongs to Lenovo, the development of the brand has attracted people's attention, but also the coordinates of the internationalization of Lenovo, it brings the honor and burden are counted into Lenovo's books." If the ThinkPad is likened to a delicate dish, then after the acquisition of IBM PCD at the end of 2004, Lenovo has done is to try to stabilize the plate, the persistence of the style consistent with the early 2008 X300 release.  And until Lenovo subversion of the classic black, and in the original five series outside the ThinkPad Edge series, this just let people feel, Lenovo began to carry the plate, and try to throw empty, play it, from clinging to the tradition to change innovation. According to the head of Lenovo Business division, since 2007, they have begun to focus on changes in business needs, and they have found that the change in demand from it procurement is already very clear: the previous IT procurement has been largely customized by the IT department, in which case the quality is considered more than the function, the shape of the consideration, ThinkPad has an absolute advantage, but now, it procurement is more like a personal purchase of corporate subsidies, it procurement rights from the company actually excessive to the individual, and with the work, the boundaries of life blurred, it procurement Department of the younger people, which makes the ThinkPad feel the need to fashion on the basis of business. In the domestic ThinkPad new product conference, about mini-laptop and other display video, has been from a suit of middle-aged man into a youthful dynamic fashion crowd. And the ThinkPad on display at CESMini-laptop and the ThinkPad Edge series are all starting to use AMD processors, but also consider their strong entertainment performance. However, the issue of ThinkPad's profitability has been key since the ThinkPad was brought under its wing, and the unresolved issue of the IBM era remains Lenovo. Lenovo's move to broaden the ThinkPad product line and broaden the ThinkPad target group seems to be an attempt at a final solution to the problem.  In fact, the ThinkPad now has the W, T, X, R, SL, and just launched Edge series, has fully covered the mainstream high-end, low-end, thin, mobile workstation and netbook users of the field, the ThinkPad began to move towards the popular age.  Moving the mobile internet IdeaPad U1 hybrid notebook, skylight smart Ben, music phone smartphone, at CES, Yang announced the "Le Plan" of the mobile internet strategy. The IdeaPad U1 mixed notebook is actually a hybrid of a laptop and tablet computer, as its name shows. It can act as a regular laptop, and can also be removed directly to serve as a tablet computer. More uniquely, IdeaPad provides two separate processors and operating systems. The Intel Core 2 CULV processor is used when the two parts of the computer are "combined" as laptops, and the ARM processor IdeaPad uses when "removed" as a tablet, which allows the U1 endurance of a tablet computer to reach 5 hours.  "Can be disassembled", as well as a strong sense of design, so that IdeaPad U1 won the cent issued by the computer and hardware category "CES Best product Award." Compared with the "hybrid" of the form function, skylight Intelligence is a hybrid of identity: a product between smartphones and netbooks.  In addition to having a more complete entertainment function, skylight is also using ARM architecture, more robust endurance. However, if the introduction of the previous two is only Lenovo in the old bank of the PC field innovation, so the music phone (Chinese name is called Le Crazy) is like a computer-style smartphone: If you forget it as a mobile phone, this is almost a universal player with general computer functions. The Android operating system-based mobile phone supports E-MAIL,IMAP,POP,SMTP e-mail, supports editing and reading formats such as Excel,powerpoint,word,pdf, and comes pre-loaded with a wide range of Internet applications. In addition, Lenovo also introduced a corresponding application store, including personal communications, multimedia entertainment, social networking, online games, location information Services, document editing, mobile office and other applications will be included. More distinctive is that the phone will be more "active": a self-developed engine to the user needs of regular information such as newSmell, music, video, etc. pushed to the user.  Le phone's ambition is to integrate almost all the mobile Internet applications currently visible on smartphones. Since Lenovo sold the handset department, Lenovo's mobile internet strategy was once shelved, in fact, mobile phones, rather than smartphones, it's a lot different from computer sales, Lenovo is trying to balance the main business between the PC and the mobile phone business, in March 2008, Lenovo to sell the Lenovo mobile at 100 million dollar price. Last November 27 Lenovo Group announced that it would buy back its handset business at a price of about 200 million dollars.  Lenovo, which once missed the golden age of mobile phones, began to move to the mobile internet. Against the current global PC industry, the trend of meager profit has been difficult to block. And the emergence of new categories of netbooks, manufacturers ' focus on high-end notebooks has been a measure of easing the trend, with manufacturers exploiting high profits to become a necessity for their own development: Hewlett-Packard has relied on software services and made a breakthrough on its own PC positioning, and Dell is already developing products between smartphones and netbooks. For Lenovo, where the core business is still computer and outreach products and lacks a high margin of business support, moving the Internet is an opportunity it cannot afford to miss.  The blurring of smartphones and notebooks and smart-book boundaries also facilitates Lenovo's overall control of smartphones and computers, a trend that is reflected in the products released by this CES. In the Mobile Internet field, in addition to mobile phone design, content, channel is still to achieve the mobile Internet strategy must break through the key points.  With operators bundled, customized sales can basically solve the channel problem, but the content of key applications, the application of the store model, powerful but the user positioning fuzzy smart phone How to attract users, or Lenovo next to think about the problem. To subvert the ThinkPad and move the internet, Lenovo has shown positive signs of change from CES. While the ThinkPad brand remains, there are many challenges to the implementation of the mobile Internet strategy, but for such a farewell to cling to, the way to be firm and innovative seems to be a rather satisfying answer to the outside world after Lenovo's big adjustment last February. Lenovo is changing, and this change is always good.
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