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such as van: let you write three steps of worry-free writing, Van Gogh wrote the article mentioned before, just grasp the inspiration, material, logic three o'clock on the line. But at that time wrote more general, not to let others understand, today, as the van wants to rewrite specific details to help you better start the road of network writing.

The first step: inspiration is that you suddenly have an idea that you want to write.

With this idea, immediately answer the following four questions, you will be able to clearly understand the purpose of your writing, once the direction of their own writing, the next work will become a good thing.

1 why I write;

2 What I want to say;

3 What I want to achieve;

4 What is the next step, my readers know the content of the action, and who will carry out the action.

For example, I write this article,

1 Why I write: I want to optimize my last mentioned three points to write the article, so that readers understand more.

2 What I want to say: inspiration, material, logic, their previous relationship, the specific details to be taken into account in their writing.

3 I want to achieve what purpose: to help readers clarify the thinking of writing, better writing, while allowing readers to have more recognition, such as Van, want to learn more articles such as Van.

4 Next step: If readers want to know more about writing knowledge, you can go to add QQ group 26202250 download, such as Van Editor's "Soft Wen Money Tutorial" probation version of the book.

Once inspired, understand the answer to the above 4 small questions, you are very clear about the purpose of writing and writing content, the four questions look simple, but very practical, in the actual operation must answer, and write on the paper, so do a lot of good, their own experience it. But how did this inspiration come from, there are so many inspiration, this is going to talk about the second step.

Step two: Source of material and inspiration.

As Van Gogh found in practice, to be inspired, to have the urge to write is too simple. If you want to write an article about a topic, as long as the collection of relevant material on the subject can be, if you have the experience or accumulation is not better, but it does not matter, you can collect, through Baidu and other tools to collect, and then is to see more, think, nature can erupt a lot of fresh ideas to come. The material can not only help you to eruption inspiration, but also you fill your article content indispensable things, such as in this article, a lot of knowledge points, such as the book learned by Vincent, now is just a regroup. With the inspiration and material, is the combination of words, now to the third step.

The third step: logic, the use of logic to combine text, and then slightly modified.

With ideas and materials, how to combine them, and in what way, this depends on your logical analysis. However, if the Vatican himself in writing, more consideration of their own readers, because they write to the reader, as long as the reader can satisfy the psychological, can make him easy to read and understand is very successful. It is recommended that beginners apply a fixed format, such as pyramid structure, better, the structure allows you to express clearly, but also to facilitate the reader to understand. Pyramid structure is generally: Preface + theme + several branches of argument + finally summed up, if you want to learn more, recommend you see "Pyramid principle" a book to see, the book for our writing, thinking, expression are very helpful.

Simply say so much, hope to be helpful to you, another about how to write soft wen, how to write a series of soft article sales of products, such as the Vatican edited a "soft paper money-making Course" probation version, placed in QQ group 26202250 (Verification code: soft money, otherwise without) sharing, there is a need for friends can add group download.

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