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Feature Description: Format the disk for the MS-DOS file system.

Grammar: mformat& ">NBSP;" [ -1acfikx] [-0 < data transfer rate] [-2 < magnetic field number] [-A < data transfer rate] [B < boot zone file] [-c < cluster size] [H < head number] [-H < hidden magnetic field number] [-L < Disk tab] [m < magnetic region size] [-N < serial number] [R < root directory size] [-s < magnetic field number] [-S < magnetic region size] [-T < cylinder number] [Drive Code]

Supplemental Note: Mformat is a mtools tool directive that simulates the MS-DOS format directive to format a specified disk or hard disk partition as an MS-DOS file system.

-0< data transmission rate > specified NO. 0 magnetic track data transmission rate.
1 does not use 2M format.
The number of -2< magnetic regions > The number of magnetic regions of the No. 0 head of the No. 0 magnetic track, which is called the 2M format.
-a specifies the ordinal that produces the Atari format.
-a< data Transfer Rate > Specifies the data transmission rate for all magnetic rails outside the No. 0 magnetic track.
-b< Boot zone file > Set up the boot zone from the specified file.
-c< Cluster size > Specifies the cluster size, which is the magnetic field.
-C establishes an image file for the disk MS-DOS file system.
-F Formats the disk with FAT32.
-h< number of Hidden magnetic regions > Specifies the number of hidden magnets.
-I specifies the frversion number of the FAT32.
-K retains the original boot area as much as possible.
-l< disk label > specify disk label name.
-m< size > Specifies the size of the magnetic area used by the MS-DOS file system, and the preset should be the same as the hardware magnetic field size, in bytes.
-n< ordinal > specified serial number.
-r< the root directory size > Specifies the size of the root directory, which is the magnetic field.
-s< number of magnetic regions > Specify the number of magnetic regions that each magnetic track contains.
-s< Magnetic Region size > Specify hardware magnetic area size.
Number of-t< cylinders > specified number of cylinders.
-X Format the XDF disk.

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