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Linux is not as easy to use as we are familiar with Windows, the first time using Linux, perhaps SSH after the connection does not know what to do, an interface, for beginners, completely do not know what to do behind. Here are some simple common SSH command files and directory operation commands.

File and directory operations:

Go to a directory: cd/directory Name

Return to Parent directory: CD ...

Return to upper Parent directory: CD. /..

Delete File: RM filename

Delete directory: RmDir directory name

Move or rename a file: MV Old path New path

Copy file: The new file path to which the CP source file path is copied

Lookup file: Find file name

View files in directory: LS directory name

Extract rar file: rar x filename

Extract tar file: tar xvf filename

Extract zip file: Unzip file name

Create RAR Compressed package: RAR A RAR file name packaged directory

Create tar compression pack: Tar CF Tar compressed package name packaged Directory

To create a ZIP compression package: A directory of Zip Zip compressed package names packaged

Download files to current directory: wget file address

File Download Breakpoint continued: Wget-c File address

Set directory and subdirectory file permissions: Chmod-r permission directory name

To modify the timestamp of a file or directory: touch-t timestamp (format: yymmddhhmm) file

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