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In the previous article, "Forum building webmaster Necessary attention (a)" We talked about the necessary conditions for building a forum, and how to better operate the essential foundation. In this chapter, we can elaborate on how to perfect a forum and development on the basis of the necessary.

Maintain a good forum environment:

The forum itself is characterized by a strong interaction, it is this factor is also the most likely to appear in the situation. The first thing to do is to block some sensitive words and some of the advertising language (www,cn,com ...). Including political topics, yellow gambling problem must be set up perfect. At the same time, the relevant audit mechanism must also be taken, or at least in the country can not do it, so the user, although the freedom of speech but also could not follow the knowledge. Then on its basis and then promote the forum atmosphere, to achieve interactive resonance effect.

Development Forum Charm Analysis:

The charm of a forum determines whether it can go to the road of success. First of all, no matter what topic you do, the forum must be professional and complete, covering the content of the subject and the surrounding content must be done fully. If you don't know enough, you can learn from and collect opinions from others. Only in this way can meet the needs of fixed customer groups.

Whether the development of the site or the development of the Forum has become more and more humane, because the same content over the Internet, others in your place can find something else can find. The Forum for keeping people is its unique charm. For how to improve the charm of a forum that depends on the ability of everyone, in fact, improve the user's heart degree Celsius this approach is still good. More community activities, a little incentive for positive users, is a good way, rewards can also be virtual, but must have characteristics.

Novel highlighting of content

The highlight of the content, first of all to the prominence of the title. So in writing some of the themes at the same time should pay attention to the use of the title. Since the forum is to mobilize a forum to actively interact with the main, then the content is as far as possible some of the articles have to discuss the nature of the topic, or explore the user group to explain some of the feelings and say some feeling, are very easy to arouse the hearts of others to resonate channels.

Dividing a good level of authority

Different levels of users must have different incremental permissions and titles. Before the article said that people are face-saving, even playing video games to their own equipment to do with others. Therefore, the author makes some explanations about this suggestion. such as the title of a literary site to be named by the literary hierarchy can be "amateur, editor, editor-in-chief, Literary Society," and so on, color can be changed or bold. Then the corresponding level of the FA Community Medal and honor certificate, etc., with the opening of different permissions. Here to note that the point is to your members feel that this honor Hard-won, worth to cherish, then is a successful application.

How to establish a relationship between members

As mentioned above, the Forum is a bridge to communicate with each other, so we must learn to find talent, and then further enhance the relationship between members and the forum. So how to dig it? A lazy note, if you have done a few of the previous statements have been good enough then there should be a part of the senior member of the bar. And then to invite QQ group, and then according to their own situation to determine some forum posts to them, I believe they are also very happy to serve. Why look for senior customers to join the QQ group, not all of them? Avoid negative things, and the irreplaceable nature of authority. Even in the network is also a sentence, "the best resources must be to the best people closer." With their participation, the Forum will be more dynamic and dynamic.

It is not easy to do a forum, this article is just a part of the emphasis to explain, imperfect places are welcome to give a bit of discussion and guidance. As for how to marketing a forum to get believe that some webmaster friends on the network more professional and proficient, also do not need me to say, novice webmaster can search the relevant materials. Thank you for sharing and reading. The content comes from the gastritis net,A5 starts. Webmaster, come on!

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