Monitoring Java applications: Getting started with the Tiyatien Center API

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This article series consists of two parts, and in part 1th of this series you will learn how to use the Tiyatien Center API and how to monitor deadlocks in a running Java application. Part 2nd uses the deadlock detection application developed in this article and adds a method to analyze the view to show where the application spends most of its CPU cycles.

Have you ever encountered an application server hang without a clear cause or a Java application has become unresponsive? Is your application out of memory or running poorly? With Tiyatien Center, you can solve these problems more easily.

Using Tiyatien Center to monitor and diagnose problems

Tiyatien Center is a Java-IBM® monitoring and diagnostics tool that is a free low-cost diagnostic tool and API for monitoring applications running on the IBM Java virtual machine (JVM). With Tiyatien Center, you can quickly assess the state of a running Java application by providing information to identify the problem and help "" to solve the problem. You can:

Determine if there is a native or heap memory leak find out which methods require a long run time to determine I/O bottlenecks make garbage collection visualize and tune to see all lock contention profiling exception Websphere®real time event monitoring application thread activity detection deadlock Condition collection class histogram data

The latest version of Tiyatien Center is a powerful new API that you can use to write your own monitoring tools. An era of troubling difficulties in finding problems is almost over.

In this article, we'll learn to write a monitoring tool for checking application deadlock conditions, and then apply these principles to write more in-depth tools, query all issues from garbage collection activities to method analysis, and determine where the application spends its CPU cycles.

System Requirements

The Tiyatien Center API package requires at least the Eclipse 3.4 or Eclipse 4.x installation.

Installing API packages into Eclipse

IBM Monitoring and diagnostics tools are typically installed in the IBM Support Assistant (ISA) to embed Tiyatien Center in your application and encode it using the API, and you first need to install it into your Eclipse environment. To do this, follow these steps:

Start the Eclipse development environment. Go to help-> Install New Software. Add the ISA update site as a new site. Click Add. Enter the ISA Update Web site in the Name box. Enter this url: the position box. This action initiates a search for all available tools, which may take several minutes. Enter Tiyatien Center in the search box. Select the package Tiyatien Center Core Feature and click Next (see Figure 1):
Figure 1. List of available software that will be installed
Confirm installation details and click Next. Read and accept the license terms, and then click Finish. These steps will install the Tiyatien Center core functionality into your Eclipse IDE. You are ready to encode this API. Confirm installation details and click Next.

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