My local rental network has realized the first cash income

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& ">nbsp; Two months ago, engaged in a local rental network, the website called Foshan Rental Network (, just started, as I work side by side to do the station, evening after work, the dormitory also has no network cable, the initial information of the filling how to do? I can only choose to find a network part-time in the form of fees to help me publish information. When there is a certain amount of information, update the information by myself, every morning one o'clock to the company, open the computer, and then open the relevant website, open the relevant QQ group, the valuable information published on my website. And then successively joined the local rental QQ group, when appropriate AD site ads. In this way, the site members day by day more, the amount of information also day by day. In the face of such a preliminary small score, I did not meet, but every day to adhere to my work.

Later, some local sites found me successively, said to be on my site to play their website ads, and then give me the corresponding amount, in the face of money income, I did not fully agree, but first read the theme of their website, see there is no conflict with my rental network, if there is, I immediately refused, I can not for these small money to the website of their A "betray", and finally decided to do a Food Network ads. In this way, my Foshan rental network of the first income has been fixed.

With the results, I did not like the impulse, but continue my dream, I intend to come out of their own dry, registered to set up a company to better operate their own web site. website, a dream I've been chasing for four years. Network company, I want to get the fruition every day, maybe not far away from me, maybe, still very far away, but no matter what, I will strive to struggle, youth no longer, I do not want to let youth in vain. Webmaster friends, support me, as long as we work together, we will certainly succeed.

Reach out your hands, give me your hands, let's take off.

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