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As we all know, corporate webmaster usually work, through the PTP server will file data upload and download, especially some of the overseas business frequent enterprises, encountered some files are relatively large, can not send to customers through e-mail, all need to pass the FTP server to transfer files. As a result, the security of an FTP server sometimes becomes important, if the protection is careless, the criminals breached, not only may ftp file theft, threats to the disclosure of trade secrets, more seriously if the virus, Trojan placed on the FTP server, not only endanger themselves, but also affect the entire FTP server users.

To this end, the author consulted with many years of E-commerce services in China Connaught Network, its authoritative people for the vast number of enterprises network administrator to remind:

First, passwords need to conform to the complexity principle

For security reasons, it is necessary to increase the complexity of the password, which is in line with the complexity principle. Generally simple and easy to remember the pure digital password safety factor is lower, if the combination of numbers and letters, it is difficult to crack than the pure number of 100 times times. Therefore, this is the first key to setting a password. At the same time, the password to set the length of the best longer, although the security is not proportional to the password, but the longer password is cracked more than dozens of times times more difficult. Second, do not set the password and user name is the same, otherwise it is tantamount to telling the outlaws, and this FTP server also seems to have no password.

Second, to protect the use of password permissions

In the frequent use of FTP server upload and download, sometimes it is inevitable to set a more temporary account and password. But remember, set up an account, in the password to set the expiration date, so you can avoid the timely cancellation of temporary accounts to the server to bring security risks, because the password will automatically expire.

And considering the security of the password, it is necessary to modify the password at intervals. Because some enterprises put important customer resources on top, inadvertently leaked, can cause significant losses. Therefore, you need to change the FTP password every once in a while.

Third, lock the account

When there are outlaws to try different passwords to log on to the FTP server, the general settings can only try three times, if more than three times will lock their account. The locked account only through the manual lifting of the administrator, and do not set the automatic lifting, time settings, such as the lifting of the way, so you can determine whether there is a malicious attack.

Through the above, we can understand the FTP server password security settings for some of the recommendations, at least to play a certain defensive role. China Connaught Net for the vast number of enterprises to provide overseas server leasing has many years of old qualifications, so understand to customers in the site in the security of protection, from the usual point drops on the preventive, reduce the risk factor. Second, China Connaught Net and the world ranked first in the Dallas computer room joint venture to build the United States room, but also from the security for customers to make their own.

The computer room Configuration Technology Senior, responsible network engineer team, six years of rich experience in IDC operations and services, providing the most efficient network and server technical support, management and maintenance, as well as at any time in response to on-site technical assistance, maintenance and network monitoring and so on, to ensure that the network server 7x24-hour continuous and stable operation, Protect the vast number of corporate Web sites every moment of security.

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