Network after the reorganization of high-speed South Korea host, exempt from the record "0" Yuan Construction station!

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& ">nbsp; As a result of last year's network overhaul, to the current record difficult, the domestic host presents a lot of drawbacks. Led to a large number of sites have moved the heart of immigrants, at the same time, the demand for overseas virtual host and domain name registration also rose in a straight line, in the use of overseas host also has a lot of drawbacks and favorable places. How to choose a good overseas virtual host is the most concern of every enterprise customer and webmaster.

Foreign virtual host relative to the domestic virtual host, first of all, there is the problem of localization, whether it is the website service or interface are English, will encounter language barrier problems; the second is the speed of Web access, because to pass a lot of routes to transit so the speed is generally slower than the domestic host; Many overseas host support Alipay is a minority, while domestic space users tend to use Alipay, for credit cards and PayPal is relatively unfamiliar, here there is a payment link gap.

In view of the problems above the national Virtual host 10 vendors to launch a new host South Korea, where the purchase of anti-Nick South Korea host, virtual management systems are the use of independent research and development of the virtual Host management program, all Chinese management, can be paid by Alipay or online payment.

In addition, for various types of overseas host access speed problem, such as the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and other countries, of which the Hong Kong room can be said to be relative to the Chinese line is the most suitable for overseas space, but because Hong Kong network exports generally very small, is generally only 2 m, so often a server to place dozens of sites, speed is very slow South Korea is the world's best Internet infrastructure, is China's fastest access to overseas servers. Korea Machine Room International export bandwidth is more abundant, like the South Korean virtual host even more than the domestic dual-line room access speed is faster, or even faster than the United States 50%, so the South Korean mainframe has become a lot of corporate customers and webmaster's new favorite.

The following is a comparison of the use of various overseas hosts

It is worth mentioning that although there are many virtual host providers in Korea, the competition is also more intense. But the anti-Nick South Korean hosts are among the many providers that stand out. According to the introduction, anti-Nick South Korea host exempt from the record, the realization that is used to buy, and where any purchase of a South Korean virtual host can be free to give the building of the box v3.0, light mouse can immediately produce exquisite Web site, do not have additional technology and cost input, greatly save users have the

Cost, realize "0" yuan construction station; The most innovative is the anti-Nick South Korea host to send data backup, that is, the site capacity to buy one send one, FTP online move, a key that operation; free of charge Enterprise post Office speed, function strong, with SMS notification, mail recall, such as domestic comparison of cutting-edge functions. And the Nick offers is 7*24 Hour technical service, quality service, strong technology by many customers praise!

South Korea virtual host, South Korea host, free South Korea host, Low-cost South Korea host, exempt from the record South Korea host South Korea has the world's best network bandwidth, overseas servers, China to visit the South Korean virtual host speed and access to the speed of the domestic server almost no difference. Some areas even visit the Korean server faster than the domestic server, is ...

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