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We often say that people's first impression is very important, first impression let others know your name, what you do and so on, in fact, search engine is also so. New station to give search engine a good impression of the development of the site is significant. How to make a good first impression on the search?

There are three main aspects, the first of course is content, many friends do the new station may have such experience, after the site is well constructed, collect some relevant articles to fill, this is not advisable, when the search engine arrives at the new station, will give the new station a score, the score level will be impression to the website behind optimization, So early original article is very important;

The second is outside the chain, preferably the new station before the start of the line, the chain mainly to some high-quality soft text with links to the form of a high weight of the external chain platform, can do more early, the site's first impression is also very helpful;

Last site design, title page is very important, a beautiful look everyone likes, search engines are the same, the title, keyword Best to be sure, just think, the first time you know your name is called Zhang, the second time you changed to Lee Four, then what should be called you, the search engine is probably so, First impression on the search engine to clear their own keywords, the keyword ranking should be helpful.

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