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Why hire a Hong Kong server?

The storm of the Internet in the 2010 was like blowing up a blizzard of illegal websites, but it also shattered many people's dreams. Netizens are eager to be able to restore calm in the new year and make their careers Tiger Tiger. The large-scale reorganization of the internet impact is shocking, many areas in this period of shuffle, many webmaster's website was closed. In these "purification" of the crowd, some of the owners do violate the law and illegal operation of China's relevant provisions and laws, but also part of the webmaster because of the error caused by the server selection of innocent is implicated in the Web site can not open and cause unnecessary losses. After this storm, how should the owners of the Tiger select the server to avoid the occurrence of such events?

The author through understanding, if customers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, mainland and other regions and countries, the choice of Hong Kong host (server) is the best choice, the advantage of the Hong Kong server rental is for the entire southeast, fast speed, and the international bandwidth is also very good, in Europe and America to visit faster than the visit to the mainland And more than in many parts of the domestic dual-line speed, is very suitable for the use of customers in South Asia. Hong Kong's legal restrictions are more lenient than those of the mainland, as long as they do not violate local laws in Hong Kong. I have rented the www.70.hk server, the speed is still good!

There are so many domestic server providers, why rent a Hong Kong server?

1. The Hong Kong server does not exist domestic telecommunications and netcom interconnection problems.

2. There is no record limit. The domestic website is must record, the different room requirements time difference, the most strict is must record after the access (namely obtains the record number domain name to be able to access, the most relaxed is the access day, 20th must obtain the record number, otherwise closes the space or cancels the access. The Hong Kong server does not need to record, therefore has no record time limit.

3. For enterprise-class users, if customers are only Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, mainland customers, then the Hong Kong server is undoubtedly the best choice, because most of the computer room in Hong Kong for the Greater China market speed faster. Access is fast, it is easy for users to access the content they need, for users this is the minimum standard. If your server access speed is very slow, users can not go slowly waiting and repeatedly refresh must see your page.

4. From the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the United Kingdom, Russia and other testing, Hong Kong room is very stable. But in the mainland computer room will be unstable or even disconnection problem, Netcom, long wide user is particularly serious, this May and international bandwidth is not enough, China's different provinces of the telecommunications, netcom links, users can buy the international bandwidth alone, to solve this problem, basically every room in Hong Kong is the case. Server stability, is conducive to search engine crawling. Both Baidu and Google are constantly emphasizing that search engines are just an ordinary user. As a user, if the server instability, search engine spiders can not properly crawl the Web page. Imagine a good natural ranking if your site is on an unstable server?

5. Hong Kong Machine Room International export bandwidth adequacy, Hong Kong server rental is an enterprise-class foreign trade websites, mail services, data exchange applications, voice video applications, the first choice. These are also the best choice for enterprises to expand their global business network base Services

Take the Hong Kong server lease as an example:

1. Renting a Hong Kong server first must consider the first condition, the bandwidth is sufficient

Hong Kong International Independent bandwidth cost is relatively expensive, 2M international exclusive How to say also to 30,000 or so a year, than the cost of the server itself may be higher, can withstand customers are not many. The key points are: Many IDC Business said their own exclusive is 2M, more bizarre or 4M exclusive! This is absolutely impossible! This may give you absolute assurance. This is sincere to deceive customers, to this bandwidth to make a fuss! I've already talked about this point. You can go to another person and consult him directly. International exclusive bandwidth fee you can tell the truth right away.

2M exclusive IDC business costs are more than 20,000, you rent a server is 120,000, it is impossible to have any IDC business to do this loss. Lose the server money and pay the bandwidth cost to you. Typically this means that the bandwidth of the server to the switch is not related to the international exclusivity. You can also give you a number of 10M, but from the computer room to the international line you are 1M international lines are not. Due to the international line customers can not correctly test the true international circuit. Many small IDC with this to make a fuss, can cheat one is one. So if you have a very large number of server visits, you need overseas servers. This does not recommend you to use Hong Kong, you can consider using the United States server, the United States to China's fastest server ping value of up to 180MS speed is still possible, mainly the United States bandwidth is very large. Enough for you to choose. If you have the money to support a server that can be considered for use in Hong Kong, an increase of 2M 5M bandwidth is generally sufficient. The increase of 10M customers is mainly to consider the later expansion of the use.

2. Rent a Hong Kong server consider the second condition: Provide the server IDC business has the strength!

The most obvious is the ability to arrange the company's technical personnel on-site to the Hong Kong computer room Direct maintenance server. Many customers ignore this detail and cause serious consequences! It is very simple to note that the service is rented in Hong Kong and rented by the overseas server.

The first is the version of the problem is that we do not want to see in Hong Kong, there is a genuine and the difference between piracy, do not think of your pirated systems and data have the Hong Kong computer room technicians to help you see the operation, this hope is not achieved.

Second, in the Hong Kong computer room sweeping workers have more than 8000 HKD, technical staff are 20,000 to one months. In general, do not help you operate any server internal operations. If you need to see the server error Yuan: 1500 per hour billing. The evening is billed at 3000 yuan an hour. There must be few people who can accept the cost.

Third, IDC and the use of the computer room is the whole cabinet rented together. The computer room is only responsible for power supply, server restart. Charge with a reload system these several operations other what the plateau is to be solved by IDC.

Therefore, the cooperation of IDC vendors have technical staff sent to the room to deal with the scene this is very important. Before a lot of customers transferred to my company has been reflected in the company where the rental of a problem remote can not be charged to reinstall the system, a mess is 2 3 days to operate. This requires IDC has the strength to arrange technicians to the room in time, and ensure that when the computer room is very important.

3. Hong Kong server shelves operation process is transparent!

Many customers spend ten thousand or twenty thousand a year renting a server or sharing virtual VPs servers with others. Or has been over four years old server, often due to hardware problems caused by the old problem of customers unnecessary losses. In two convenience is the Hong Kong server operation more! The most deficient is the price of independent servers to use virtual servers, the server is not very understanding of the customer is hard to see is a stand-alone server or virtual server.

However, there is one of the easiest way to introduce to you: 1. To see the hard disk, as a virtual server hard disk is not shared, CPU and memory VPS Virtual server can be shared! So the hard drive is less than 80G or 160G, and 95% of the virtual servers, According to the 80G hard drive 07 market has not been purchased, 160G hard drive 08 already Ham City did not produce. Now Shenzhen Market 250 is the bottom of the 320G difference on the dozens of yuan. 160G is second-hand than 250G is more than 100 yuan. Who do you think will not buy 80G hard disk to do the server? Because the VPS main server generally with 1000G hard disk, service providers in order to more than a few virtual hosts generally divided under 80G, if the 160G above to the price on the basis of not cost-effective. This server is no title to talk about, virtual how to give customers? The second problem is second-hand server this is very simple, if the IDC business can be a payment on the server if it is a stand-alone server is generally two mobile phones, customers before the two three years, now not rented, put in the computer room. Your payment will be transferred to you immediately, the stability of the server depends on your luck.

Statistics based on Www.hknt.net Hong Kong server provider. Hong Kong has the following rooms to choose from. Welcome everybody to consult!

Hong Kong Broadband Room/HKBN Data center

Hong Kong's front-line computer room/dyx data Center

Citic Pacific Room/CPC Data Center

Wharf Telecommunications room/WHARFTT Data Center

Hknet Room/NNT Data Center

New World Computer room/NWT Data Center

Hong Kong KDDI NET room/data center

/HGC Data center of Telecommunication room

/HDC Data center of the digital computer room

Pacific Broadband Room/pacific data center

PCCW Room/PCCW Data Center

Interconnected Advantage/iadvantage Data Center

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