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Tolstoy once said: "Our happy family are similar, but the unfortunate family are different!" We can apply this sentence to the operation of the site, the successful operation of the site has the same factors are similar, and the failure of the operation of the site are different factors! So for the general stationmaster, As long as the mastery of several factors of success equals to the key to open the door of wealth! The following author from four aspects to explain the successful operation of the site need to have the factors!

Factor one: A group of core users and a growing number of new users

The key to the development of the site is to see if there is a constant influx of core users and new users, the content of the website is to the website potential User Service, if the service level is good, can obtain more core user, if does not have the user to visit your website, even if your website content achieves again good, optimizes again how succeeds, That is also peerless have a beautiful, cabin in the ravine! No one knows the Jing! and to ensure that the site users continue to increase, on the one hand, through vigorous marketing promotion, on the other hand, through vigorous training of loyal users, so as to build their own core user base, and the most important to cultivate loyal users is to enhance the content of the site's practicality and originality, In addition to continuously upgrade the service level of the site! To achieve a two-pronged approach will let your core user group continue to grow and develop!

Factor Two: SEO optimization do a very good job to create a stream of flow

Most successful sites, in the early stage of the construction of a strong SEO optimization, and then use the search engine's huge flow conversion rate to bring the flow of their own site, but also at the beginning of the operation of the site through a variety of advertising alliances quickly to their own site to bring profits, Since then in the continuous optimization of the content of the site so as to cultivate their own site's core user base, and with the increase in users, traffic continues to grow, nature can make their own site to get a higher weight, so you can get a better ranking, and eventually form a continuous progress of the cycle!

Factor Three: Enhance the website influence and Word-of-mouth brand image

When your website traffic further promotion, at this time need to further develop their reputation brand image, in the industry circle can get higher influence, generally successful website all in their own industry circle is well-known, such as Taobao, such as 360 and so on! When your site in the industry to obtain a certain degree of influence, then the corresponding manufacturers direct advertising will follow, and even to attract the wind investment, such as the previous period of many group buying website through their own huge profit model and core user group, attracted a lot of wind investment gold! So as to bring huge profits to their website!

Factor IV: Extensive networking and excellent team

Successful web sites need to have extensive relationships to develop think of the original A5 graph predecessors in the pioneering work is through their own constantly help others get a wide range of contacts, and later on the horse A5 site immediately by everyone's hot, with these loyal users, coupled with the continuous development of new users , the natural achievements of today's A5, another successful site naturally need an excellent team to do, like the current cool 6 of the ongoing infighting, so that the original exclusive video of the world's cool 6 suddenly fell apart, now even 30% of the market share is not up to! It can be seen that no good management team is no way to achieve success!

I believe that all of these four factors can quickly understand, but do not because of action will encounter all kinds of difficulties easily give up, to know that those successful webmaster have a very good quality, that is, adhere to, and then adhere to their success that day! This article by mobile phone positioning tracking original, A5 first, URL: www.sjdwb.com Reprint Please specify, thank you!

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