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With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more enterprises began to pay attention to network promotion, and any kind of promotional methods are inseparable from the soft text. such as Seo,sns, blog promotion, etc. are inseparable from soft, but to write a high-quality soft wen is also very nerve-racking. Here are some steps to write a soft text:

The first step: Write a catchy article title.

The title of a soft article is very critical. Think of a soft article sent to news stations or large forums, in thousands of links to attract users to click to read, it is entirely dependent on the title of the article. When writing a soft text title, you must conform to the following points:

1. In line with the prevailing ideology.

2. Find a good creative point.

3. The title of the vocabulary should be as far as possible to meet the user's search habits.

4. The title can reflect the central idea or core of the text.

Step Two: Write the introduction of the soft text to guide the user to continue reading.

The user opens the article first to look at is the introduction of the soft text. So it's also important to write an introduction. Whether the user can continue to read depends on the introduction of the soft text is the temptation, the following is the 2 kinds of writing the most common method of introduction:

1. Summary method.

Articulate the core ideas of the article or the features of the product in a short, understandable statement. To learn to concentrate the sentence, the use of parallel.

2. Suspense law.

The general use of the form of questions to let users create suspense or curiosity. Make users more interested in looking down. We often watch the TV show when the preview will often say that the protagonist will encounter what difficulties, how he will overcome the difficulties, his fate will be how and so on. In fact, many of the introduction of soft text and this similar.

Step three: Determine the outline of the soft text.

First of all, the idea of the product selling point to be clear and thorough, the focus is interest and interest. Then the article skeleton set up, and then gradually improve the soft text. For example, I want to write a soft article for an English school, according to the following thoughts

1. The history of the English School.

2. Teachers in English schools.

3. What is the tuition fee for the school?

4. Whether to arrange work after school graduation.

The fourth step: write the article implantation promotion information.

The content of the article is best controversial or can let the user resonate, so that users will be your soft wen continue to reprint, in order to better achieve the publicity effect. The more light the imprint is, the better. Commonly used in the form of 3 minutes:

1. Copyright: Write the copyright after writing this article is owned by So-and-so.

2. Mention the author's name.

3. Implant promotional information in the name of the case.

Summary: So-called Kenburg, Copp. The most effective way to improve the soft text is to write and read more about others ' articles. Write down the classic sentences of others. Such a long-term adherence to the level of writing will certainly improve. Suggest to subscribe to Baidu News and Google Express read other people's articles. Above is the soft article main 4 steps, hoped for everybody useful. In this also hope to be enthusiastic about network promotion friend and I exchange my qq:390493968.

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