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In the Baidu know to enter a or large or small training organization name, will find a lot of the agency's students in consultation, such as the opening hours, reporting procedures, performance inquiries, and other training-related specific matters. From this point of view, some trainees may not have taken the initiative to understand, but at least it is proved that the training institutions are not doing enough in this respect, these things that can be explained on their own official web site, some training institutions are not to do, so that many students do not know, this low-cost means of dissemination of information at least can work. So as a training organization's official website, what should be included in the website?

In the author's series of articles on the construction of training schools in the idea of the website has already mentioned that the training institutions of the site is no more than the face of these groups of people: first, the public and the media, which is to facilitate the training of the brand publicity. Secondly, in the face of trainees, it is necessary to publicize their advantages to those who have not enrolled, to facilitate their enrolment, and to convey the curriculum learning and other related issues to the enrolled trainees. If the training for minors, but also to face the parents, because the parents are the ultimate money side. So after we figure out the audience, we can analyze them in turn.

From the perspective of society and the media

At this time the official play the role of corporate web site, the need to show the public company image, convey the brand concept, strengthen social and training institutions and communication. At this time, the official website needs to include the content of the organization introduction, contact information, agency news, recruitment, etc., to the audience to convey their own formal and development potential.

Looking at potential students

This part of the audience after a series of understanding after landing on the school site, so highly targeted, very likely to translate into effective purchasing power. Therefore, for this part of the audience, to show the formal nature of the school, scale, scientific and humane side, so that this part of the people instantly generate the desire to register. So what needs to be shown to the audience is the course details, the faculty team, the teaching environment, the hardware facilities, the enrollment (tuition fees, registration process, time and place), and the relevant arrangements for the examination. In addition, we can add an online consultation system to facilitate the use of instant communication tools to communicate with the school staff in the landing site, in the face of prospective students to be added online registration system, so that they leave detailed information to facilitate tracking marketing. Conditions allow the training institutions can also on-line payment system, allowing students to complete the registration payment process online.

From the perspective of the formal trainees

This part of the audience is already bought customers, so as long as a good part of the service work, it is very likely to bring two consumption and repeat customers. It's best to add a student management system to this part of the site. For each student to set an account number, students can view their own classes after landing, the financial situation, curriculum, school notice, the location of the inquiry, examination results, etc., so that can appear to the professional training institutions, and let students find a sense of belonging. In addition, it is necessary to build online examination system and data downloading system to facilitate students to learn online. At the same time, training institutions to establish a sound online and telephone customer service team, for the enrolled students to provide quality teaching tracking service.

From the perspective of parents

Generally need parents to make decisions of the training institutions, focusing on pre-school, primary and secondary education and other fields, because the students are minors, so the curriculum needs parents to pay the bill, this time the determinants are concentrated in the parents. Of course, as consumers, the content of the above-oriented students in the face of the parents can not be less, in addition to parents have some other concerns. For example, parents will be concerned about the safety of their children in training, care about their children in the course of the relationship with other students, care about the child's academic performance and the integration of the class, and so on, only to eliminate the various questions of parents can eventually turn into purchasing power, so training institutions can increase the parent classroom, For parents to explain the various problems of the solution, to eliminate parents worry.

From the current point of view, we can be delighted to see some big training schools began to focus on the official website construction and marketing, however, some small organizations have not been able to attract enough attention, such as the site of many organizations will not be updated within one months, many content is the site just on the line to add, online consultation within 24 hours there is no customer service online, Fill in online registration after half a month no return, a lot of basic content missing and so on. Content is fundamental, operation can improve, to put all the features and content on the site is easy, but if not to maintain at any time, such a site can only be submerged in the depths of the Internet. Training institutions every day to think how to do marketing, how to recruit students, it should be from the basis of the side to start walking, their official website must not give up. In the mobile internet has begun to prevail today, if the traditional internet can not find positioning will be abandoned, missed the want to catch up again undoubtedly difficult.

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