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JavaScript is a scripting language developed by Netscape's LiveScript, primarily to address server terminal languages, such as Perl, and the lingering speed problem. At that time, the server needs to verify the data, because the network speed is very slow, only 28.8kbps, the verification step waste too much time. So Netscape's browser navigator added JavaScript, providing the basic functionality of data validation.

Http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/33906.html ">javascript's official name is" ECMAScript ". This standard is developed and maintained by ECMA organizations. ECMA-262 is a formal JavaScript standard. This standard is based on JavaScript (Netscape) and JScript (Microsoft). Brendan Eich, of Netscape (Navigator 2.0), invented the language, which has appeared in all Netscape and Microsoft browsers since 1996. The development of ECMA-262 began in 1996, and in July 1997 the ECMA General Assembly adopted its first version.

JavaScript makes Web pages more interactive. JavaScript simplifies regular, repetitive HTML paragraphs and reduces download time. JavaScript can respond to the user's actions in a timely manner, do a real-time check on the submission form without wasting time with CGI validation. The features of JavaScript are endless, as long as you are creative.

In the two major search engine camp, a lot of practice proved that Baidu's handling of Javascrip is not ideal and Google's processing better.

A large number of JavaScript in the Web page will add difficulty to the search engine crawling. The main effects are as follows:

1. Interference search spider to content analysis

2. Virtually reduced keyword density

3. Affect the distribution of the weight of the page

So how to effectively avoid such a problem, JavaScript in the Web design process must be used, the solution to this problem we can only be effectively avoided and can not be completely avoided. These problems are avoided mainly from the following aspects:

1. Try not to use JavaScript pull-down menu in the navigation, this question I already mentioned in many articles, the navigation does not use the JavaScript special effect or the flash completes in order to look good, like this is extremely disadvantageous to the SEO.

2. Article content part of the link as far as possible not to use JavaScript to show, especially some sites on the production of links using JavaScript to produce div effect, so there is no substantial benefit of SEO, Should be as close as possible to the standard link. If you really have to use, you can refer to the page rewrite to achieve results, spiders are a special browser, so you still have to pay attention to the HTML source of your site.

3. As much as possible to write more than one JS file to improve page loading speed. Whether in the user experience or spider browsing, Web page loading speed to improve the SEO is good, use WP to create a blog when the profound experience, loading a merged JS than loading more than 2 JS speed will be greatly improved.

4. Try to place JS at the bottom of the page code. JS parsing needs to call multiple sets to complete, put on the bottom not only to speed up the speed of the Web page loading, but also effectively avoid spiders on the JavaScript code of a large number of analysis.

To JS Test, Google do better than Baidu, but in search engine technology is not fully adapted to JS, the site content or to try to use less JS.

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