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In the site optimization, space has always been the root of the site survival. Can buy a high-quality space for website optimization and website operation are closely related. Otherwise, in the site operation to a period of time after a better ranking, and at this point to a space instability, all the efforts of nature have been wasted. So the webmaster in the construction station, first of all to ensure their own space stability, followed by the speed of access, at the same time the number of online, bandwidth and so a series of data to be clear, so that will not in the optimization halfway to their own to a fatal blow. So how can the stationmaster buy the high quality space? First of all, we need to learn how to discern a good or bad space. Today I share how stationmaster should distinguish a website space good or bad.


The brand awareness of space business

Owners in the purchase of the host before the first need to look at the visibility of space business is the brand space. Just like buying clothes, you need to look at the size of the store and the name of the store first. Have a brand awareness of space business for their own judge of the quality of the space has several major benefits, a reputation is protected, and now many owners have met to buy space after the space business will ignore you, there are no questions will not give you answers, and brand awareness will not appear this situation. The second technology clearance, if you are in the ordinary agent space to buy the host do not know that he can not understand the maintenance of this space, there are certain risks. Therefore, to judge the quality of space, first from the space business visibility and space brand, like million nets, the West Digital, A5 host and so have a certain reputation protection, will not worry about buying the host, space business ran.

Second, the speed of space access

To the website operation, what kind of space can provide the biggest help? The answer is naturally the speed of access, after all, even the effect of SEO optimization is related to the speed of access to space. In my opinion, the general space access speed of more than 5 seconds is not considered high-speed space, and for the website operation, 5 seconds of access speed is considered rubbish. So we need to first test the space access speed, and now most of the space to support the trial, which is to give us a test space speed of an auxiliary. And for the speed of the test space we can also use the local ping command to query the speed of the space, such as the author Ping A5 Space access speed, as shown:


The connection speed of ping is 12MS, and the minimum connection speed is 10MS, the maximum is 12MS, so the speed of this space is very good. So, generally speaking, good spatial connection speed will not exceed 60MS, if more than 60MS of that this space is certainly not a good space, on the ping connection speed is the best test space quality.

Third, the host's bandwidth

The size of the host's bandwidth will be the decision space to access speed, naturally we buy good host when the first view of the host detailed introduction of the host's bandwidth, if not indicated that you can consult customer service, after all, this relationship with the site loaded a large number of content can not be normal access. In fact, the host's bandwidth is like the internet speed of a truth, the higher the number of natural even when the peak of the Internet will not be unable to access the site. And for a good host space, the biggest advantage is the bandwidth support online upgrades, so say, see host space, bandwidth this step must not ignore.

Iv. Number of simultaneous online (IIS)


For the quality of the discerning space, at the same time the number of people online this factor is very important, such as the number of IIS in a space is 150, then it represents the same second in the number of users in the maximum value of 150, if more than 150, then the site will not be able to access, if the site traffic tens of thousands of words, We naturally need to look at the number of IIS when we identify the quality of the site.

In general, if even virtual space supports an unlimited number of IIS, that this kind of space quality is not how, I also bought several IIS unlimited space, the end is often not access or access speed is slow, in fact, the size of the number of IIS test the size of bandwidth, its own bandwidth has a fixed value, And the number of IIS is unlimited, is there such a good thing? So, to identify the quality of the host space, you need to see the number of IIS supported by the host, for the webmaster must be the larger the better, but also to see the size of the bandwidth.

V. After-sales service

The quality of space is not just the reason for space itself, there is a very important factor, that is after-sales service. If the after-sales service does not give the force, even if you buy a more powerful space and how, who can guarantee their own space for a long time does not occur? When the novice to buy space to do the station, if the domain name can not be resolved, and after-sales service and not to force, then find who to repair it? Therefore, the good space also must have the good post-sale service. For example, you want to upgrade the site space, and rely on their own operation is not feasible, after all, you can not grasp the details of the space, or space appears when the machine, but also to find customer service repair.

Therefore, the webmaster to identify the quality of space, you can buy two or three days before the purchase to find customer service chat, to see how the services attitude, after all, a good after-sales service is to need customer service to help you solve the problem of host space, this is the perfect after-sales service, and if the after-sales service is good, Even the space hardware is almost worth it.

Stationmaster wants to buy the high quality host space, need to make a series of recognition to the host space beforehand, after all, the money throws out and buys a space that does not give the force, at that time oneself cries all no tears. So, movie Heaven (http://www.bengou.cc) think the webmaster buy space, would rather spend more time to understand how to identify the quality of space, also do not rush to blindly buy, after all, the quality of space will affect the normal operation of the site, ranking high and low, the size of the flow, sloppy ah. This article is about here, by the Royal Mud Square with the exclusive experience, to buy you a number of space webmaster suggestions, reproduced Please specify, thank you!

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