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When you click on this headline, you'll find that you've been fooled. Haha, it's not. Because only the title of attraction, can attract more people to pay attention to. This is a very important part of soft writing. "Catch Donkey Network Incident" in the current Internet industry, is a more popular topic, but also worth exploring the issue. Because there is so many Webmaster Learning Network marketing strategy. Especially through this event, we can have a deeper understanding of the latest search engine algorithms, so that we apply these SEO techniques to other sites. Take a look at the picture below:


The above picture is: "Catch donkey Net" Baidu rank


Above: "Catch donkey Net" Google rankings

Whether from Baidu rankings or Google rankings, Bai's "Catch Donkey Net", can be the first seat. Through analysis, this domain name is February 14 registered, the website design is very concise, its content is directly by calling the main station Bai data generation, and in the title and description above are around this "catch donkey net" this keyword and unfold. Have to say title tags to improve the ranking of keywords is still very important, the other keyword uniqueness, relevance, Brand is also better than other types of sites a lot better. And adding a lot of voting behavior to this site is very high evaluation. On the Internet, if a webpage is popular, there will be many other links or references. Then its external link growth rate, will show the overall upward trend. The following figure:


In addition Bai is to use its own site to "catch donkey nets" did the whole station link, up to 58,803, we can query webmaster tools. Such amazing data, enough to allow the "catch donkey Net" in two weeks or so time, ranked search engine first place. People see here, is not learned what. The latest research results show that Baidu to the industry brand station weight is very high, just as the previous period and strong brand of the site will be added ico icon. This is equivalent to a certification, if the weight is a search engine to measure the site of an important standard, as a measure of the site in the search engine status and included important indicators. Then this ICO icon authentication may indirectly become the website in the user's heart authority, credibility and so on measurement standards. In addition, some voting behaviors on the Web page affect the search engine's judgment on the quality of the Web page, this is the advantage of 2.0 websites, can say "top" the more, the more users like, the quality is relatively good; just as the second in the first picture of "400 million yuan Chen Yao advertising why Red Drive donkey Nets" and the third "from" to drive donkey nets Learn SEO skills ", take the above" recommended "strategy. However, without the support of internal links and external links, the rankings will disappear in the home page sooner or later. From the "Catch Donkey Nets" ranking, also see the changes in Baidu algorithm, mainly reflected in the following two points:

1, only provide basic information, no user experience can be said keywords, search results on the first page will be more and more brands within the page, rather than a small station home;

2, a keyword, brand station may get multiple ranking opportunities, subversion before a site only a ranking opportunity rules;

Baidu's official Baidu Search engine Optimization guide, also gives the concept of constantly strengthening the brand:

The brand building on the Internet is a process of becoming a loyal user from a search engine by the high quality content and service in exchange for the user's trust in the content of the website. In meeting the needs of users at the same time the appropriate promotional brand, not only to the user in the face of multiple search results to choose which is helpful, but also to the spread of Word-of-mouth has a great role. suggested that webmaster in the establishment of the site, as far as possible to show your site positioning, to try to be ranked very good with the site is differentiated, but also to have a reasonable sustainable development of the brand station building plan. This is where seowhy success lies.

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