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With the hot blog, in recent years the blog to promote the popularity of the webmaster. Many webmasters are hoping to use the Dongfeng to promote their blog. But the question is how simple, fast, effective promotion? Here, the author summed up the two points to promote the blog winning methods.

First, the use of SEO methods

optimization of their own blog, that is, through the way of SEO to promote. First, select several keywords. The number of keywords should not be too much, to remain in 3 or so. The next important step is to improve the ranking of selected keywords. Experienced SEO bloggers may think it's easy to solve the problem. If the optimization of the site to apply the set directly to optimize the blog, is simple, but the problem is too tired, I believe many bloggers have this experience. As we all know, the rankings depend on the content and the outside chain. As long as the diligent point, content updates can be done. But if only content and lack of chain, want to get good rankings in a short time, it is impossible to complete the task. Here I will share several blogs with you to increase the way outside the chain. Of course, these methods are the normal way to optimize the blog, bloggers do not have to worry about.

The use of content to develop the chain is a good choice. Good content can indirectly help us to increase the chain, this is a convenient and labor saving save money way. Bloggers usually have a certain degree of writing skills, you can use this advantage to write more about website promotion, experience and skills and other aspects of the article take to A5 to contribute. If you are recommended to the home page, it will give you 50 more Baidu outside the chain, of course, after this, you can also go to the forum to contribute, you can also publish in their own portal website opened blog and some professional It blog. In this way, each article can bring you 100 or so outside the chain, not only simpler than the traditional model, but also faster and more effective. More importantly, the publication of original articles, not only to bring the chain, but also to attract the attention of industry giants, for their own career to bring more opportunities.

Second, make good use of blog commenting function

The use of Blog commenting is a simple but very effective method. Often to other bloggers to comment on the page, not only to help themselves to increase the chain, improve the ranking of keywords, but also to help themselves find new Bo friends. Because usually if you are seriously commenting on a blog, you will have a blogger, it is equivalent to an additional independent IP, if you can stick to it, the long run, there will be a great harvest.

Other blog promotion methods are many: similar to QQ Group, the campus and the recent popularity of micro-blog promotion and so on, are a good way, but there are no these two methods simple, the need for friends can also try.

In fact, many things are not as difficult as we imagine, blog promotion is also so, as long as mastered the skills, serious efforts to do, did not promote not to go out. We are not successful, just because we want to succeed is not strong enough, not enough effort. "Where there is a will, there is a way", this sentence to me and all the same as I fight on the network platform friends, I hope we can share this. This article comes from http://www.288.org love hair webmaster writing, reprint retention links, thank you.

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