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Send out the chain on the classified information platform please be careful seoer like to send out the chain on the classified information platform, Baidu in the past some time is really on such platforms rather "care", their site on the information collected quickly, ranking is good, so there are more and more people began to wantonly in such a platform on the release of the chain. However, I suggest you want to start control in the classification information platform on the outside chain work, because in this year, the classification of information platform Baidu will be more and more attention to the chain, may even be disgusted.

We know that Baidu has been updating, the attitude of the website "> External links is changing very frequently, And these changes have a core: is the user experience the better the link on the platform will get more attention, user experience bad platform on the outside chain will be despised. And now the classification platform user experience OK? Can say very bad! It is precisely because the classification platform in the last year, Baidu's favor, so that a large number of seoer began to rush to such sites, a large number of these platforms on the release of the chain, which led to many of the classification of information platform has become a garbage linked farms, This completely deviated from the nature of the classified information Web site, the user experience is naturally getting worse. Without the user experience, Baidu of course will begin to re-examine this kind of website.

At the beginning of this year, we also clearly found that the weight of classified information sites are declining, the previous many keywords first page can see the shadow of the classification information platform. Now you go to search, not to mention the home page can not see, the first 3 pages are rarely found. So it can be said that the information on the classification of Baidu's external chain is not optimistic about the trend, and has been this kind of not optimistic to show. Then you continue to classify information outside the chain for your main outside the chain of channels, wait until Baidu on the classification information platform completely disgusted, that is, your site was down the right moment. Of course, the classification information platform is not complete can not send outside the chain, but you need to control the following 3 points: Increase shoe optimizer analysis as follows:

1, in the well-known classification information platform on the outside chain. Because on top of these well-known classified information platforms, after all, there are many ordinary users will participate in, their site is still "effective" information mainly, so Baidu will also give them a good score, in these platforms hair outside the chain, there is a certain degree of protection.

2, newer industries can continue to publish the category information outside the chain. such as medical, beauty, slimming and so on, such as the classification of information on the spread of the industry will not be in this platform hair outside the chain, is really too much, and the content is the same, so the most is easy to be Baidu denied. If you are a relatively new industry, you can still publish the information on the outside of the chain, but also pay attention to the content of the original and practical. Classification information platform is really no longer suitable for the main channel outside the chain,Seoer really want to pay attention to this, otherwise these for Baidu is rubbish link not only will not be helpful to rank, and may harm your website.

1, do not focus on the outer chain of classified information. Let the outside chain of classified information become a small part of the external links of your website, so even if this is the outside chain of the classified information caused Baidu's aversion, also will not have too big influence to the website.
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