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The author of the enterprise in the country has offices, daily work in the computer will inevitably have such or such problems arise, because the office does not maintain the computer professionals, so every time there are problems will call for assistance. With pcanywhere remote control software, you can easily control remote computers on the local computer, software maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting operations, not only to save the trip to the scene, but also for enterprises to save a large amount of service funds, really kill both birds. The collaboration between the two computers, pcanywhere in which the role is not small AH. Before introducing pcanywhere, let me briefly introduce the principle of remote control. Remote control is the use of remote control software to establish a data exchange channel between the two computers, so that the main control end can send instructions to the controlled end, manipulate the controlled end to complete some specific work. To achieve remote control, some conditions need to be met: First, the master computer and the controlled computer are in the network, followed by both sides have the same communication protocol, the general use of TCP/IP protocol for communication, and another is on both computers must be installed remote control software (such as pcanywhere, etc.), And one must be configured to be the controlled end, the other configured as the main control. The controlled-end computer waits for a connection to the host computer and is controlled by the end control to control the various applications running on the managed computer. The main control is responsible for sending instructions and displaying the results of the remote computer execution program, and the system resources required to run the program are owned by the computer being charged. Pcanywhere is a remote control software produced by Symantec (Symantec), which runs on the Windows 98/nt/2000/xp platform. It is powerful, almost all network connectivity and network protocols, using pcanywhere, computer administrators can easily control the remote computer on the local computer, so that the two computers can work together. The pcanywhere version used by the author is 10.0, and the pcanywhere mentioned below refer to the 10.0 version. The working principle of pcanywhere first is to issue the shared control request to the controlled end by the main control end. The control end receives the share control request to give a response signal, and verifies the legal identity of the main control end, at this time, the main control end must provide the legal user account and the password required by the remote control to the controlled end. If the controlled end of the password and account is correct, then the control can begin to manipulate the controlled side of the remote control, otherwise, the control end will reject the master controller request. In addition to being secure by means of authentication, the managed end controls who can connect to the computer and the permissions that the remote user has. The configuration of the control is started pcanywhere, in the Pcanywhere Manager window (Figure 1), click on the "Managed" button, the system will show the controlled side can be usedItems, including direct, modem, receptacle, CABLE,DSL, and other options, which direct refers to through the serial cable connected directly, generally rarely used; modem refers to dial-up access, that is, connecting to the Internet via a modem Receptacle refers to access through the network card, generally used in the LAN for remote control, cable that is cable modem (cable modem), DSL includes our common ADSL. We can choose according to the actual situation of the network connection, double-click the corresponding option to start the controlled end. If you want to modify the properties of an existing item, right-click the selected item and choose Properties to configure it. 498) this.width=498 ' OnMouseWheel = ' javascript:return big (This) ' height=312 alt= ' "src="/files/uploadimg/20070822/ 1152560.jpg "width=450 border=0> Figure 1 pcanywhere Manager 1 2 3 next page >> content navigation to force (0 votes) (0 Votes) nonsense (0 Votes) The professional (0 votes) The title party (0 Votes) passing (0 votes) Original: PCAnywhere remote control Computer Good Helper (1) Return to the Network security home page
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