Please all webmaster action to hang Earthquake relief Public Welfare banner

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Please all webmaster action, hanging Earthquake relief public Welfare banner!

Earthquake, what can our webmaster do?

Disaster relief, we webmaster can do?

We do as stationmaster, the most should do is action up, in the front page eye-catching position hangs earthquake relief Public Welfare banner! and link to the Chinese Red Cross Association Baidu Union channel!



Attached: Special Account and hotline for cross disaster Relief

1, through the Bank donation account opening unit: Cross

RMB Bank: ICBC Beijing Branch East four South Branch

RMB account Number: 0200001009014413252

Foreign currency Account Bank: CITIC Bank Jiuxianqiao Branch

Foreign currency account number: 7112111482600000209

2, through the Post Office donation recipients:

Cross Address: No. 8th, Beixinqiao three, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China zip code: 100007

3, through the online donation landing Cross website: Click into the "Online donation" section, follow the prompts to operate.

4, donations by SMS: China Mobile, China Unicom mobile phone users, as well as China Telecom, Netcom PHS users can edit SMS 1 or 2, sent to 1069999301, that is, "Red Cross relief Operations," donated 1 yuan or 2 yuan money. (through the Bank, post office and online donations, please indicate the name of the donor, mailing address, donation intention such as: Sichuan earthquake donations, such as information, so as to mail donation receipts and thank-you notes)

5, through the SMS Consultation: China Mobile, China Unicom mobile phone users and China Telecom, Netcom PHS users can edit SMS "China Red Cross", sent to 12114, you can understand the relevant situation of the Red Cross Society of China.

Cross Donation Hotline and Enquiry Tel: Donation hotline: 010-65139999, 64027620 (daytime).

The Chinese Red Cross Foundation also receives donations from all sectors of the Community

Address: No. 53rd, Noodles Hutong, Dong Dan North Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100010.

Bank remittance: Username: China Red Cross Foundation

Bank: Bank of China Beijing Branch account number: 800100921908091001

Bank: ICBC Beijing East Four South Branch account number: 0200001019014483874

Bank: China Construction Bank Beijing Inner Street branch account number: 11001070300059000427

Foreign currency Bank: Bank Account: 800100086608091014

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